Regroup & Recoup (Part 4)

If you have previously read any of the parts to my Regroup & Recoup series you’ll know this is a bit of a sit down, mull over, and sometimes, a revisiting of sorts to prior stories shared here.

Update to No Call, No Show, and You Still Have a Job?

School ended just a few short days ago for my son, but not without one more no show before the year was over. After we expressed our continued anger and concern to the school, we were finally told something that wasn’t mentioned to us before. It seems the morning driver has two additional routes to travel before ours. This would explain why the bus was so late every day. There were many times my son got to class just as it began to no fault of our own.Rough Draft Wall Art

According to an inside source, this has apparently been happening to many drivers throughout the district and there’s not much anyone can do about it (or so they say) because of school overcrowding. We’ve decided to drop the issue since school has now gone into the summer recess period. However, if we get the same driver next year and this problem reoccurs, further steps will need to be taken to assure our son’s safe arrival to school every day.

The driver appears to have cleaned up his act. Aside from the above mentioned day, was on time every day for three months straight. He also became friendlier and more polite. We tried to see the positive in him and give him another chance.


Our son graduated Kindergarten during the week! He has made us so enormously proud I cannot even begin to express it. He has come such a long way in such a short time once again. This little man continues to amaze us with every challenge he defeats. Way to go munchkin!Celebrate


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You’ll notice a flux in the posting frequency here during the next few months. This change is mostly due to a lighter schedule, and another hosting week in July over at STMND. I have two major stories that will be shared there during my two weeks but two more slots still remain open. As always, if you like to submit a story to be posted over at Stories That Must Not Die, use our Share Your Stories page, contact us on Twitter, or contact me privately here. Some of those posts will be reblogged here, along with some more letters from Rarasaur.

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Thank you all for continuing to make this place wonderful!

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Dream On, Dreamer

I know it was announced last week that CardCastlesInTheSky will only have Sunday posts until January 2014, but there had to be an exception today for two reasons.

  • #B4Peace
  • Halloween

The Monthly Peace Challenge for October called for an imagining of our world as peaceful. Being a parent, this stirred up thoughts of our children. My uncle, a retired law-enforcement officer, is now running for the Board of Education in his district. Sadly, one of the issues that came up in the interviews during the “Meet the Candidates” meeting was guns in schools. It’s a little unsettling that we have to talk about this, but this is our world now. You can watch that video below. His name is Gerald Bruno, and I am very proud to call him family.

Meet the Candidates

This is what a peaceful world would look like to me.

Peaceful Dream

The world is quiet now

It is free of strong sorrow

Severe pain

The children run and laugh and play

Love stretches to every corner

Every niche


We are free to roam outside





If our world was completely free of pain I’d dream it sounded something like that. Maybe someday. One can dream, right?

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