Sleepy Sundays: Enchanted Patch

Enchanted Patch © 2019 Snapping Turtle Arts |

The seasons are changing rapidly around here but somehow this weekend winter managed to hang on. Despite the cold temps these surreal scenes of the entrance of spring managed to creep into my dreams and designs. Spring is very close around here, and you can tell by the trees. You are starting to see little bits of green pop up here and there. Soon even the cold will not be able to stop it. Everything will come into bloom. I’ve always liked the change of seasons around here for that reason, and the beginning of March around here usually signals spring. —Usually.

Have an enchanted Sunday

Sleepy Sundays: Watchful Eye

Watchful Eye © 2017 Snapping Turtle Arts & Publishing | CardCastles Design Collection |

This weekend I started to wrap up projects I’ve been working on for months now. Next week begins the countdown for our community’s favorite event, #31Nightmares. While I placed the end drafts into my folders I worked on this multi-purpose template for future prints. It was fully inspired by the recent autumnal equinox and some of our feathered friends in the skies migrating to warmer regions.

What do you look forward to this fall?

Have an adventurous Sunday!

31 Nightmares 2016: The 14th


One of the most popular stories on CardCastles to date is Another Walk Down Memory Lane

In that funny, yet horrifying story, I described the how and why I have a bit of a fear of dolls. We had a lovely discussion about phobias, and it made me think of this following nightmare.

Since I was a teeny-tiny one, I’ve also had quite the case of arachnophobia. Still, I don’t hate spiders. I’d rather say they both amaze and terrify me at the same time.

Last year, I had a cold-sweat inducing nightmare where about 1,000 spiders took over my apartment. They were clearly out to get me since within this [what seemed like] almost endless night terror, they pursued and bit me every chance they got.

Do you have a phobia?

Happy Haunts!

This has been Day 14 of


Sleepy Sundays: Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess
Beautiful Mess

A conversation between close friends inspired this sort of forest-camo-paint-splash on top of some funky lips design.

I’m planning on using it for multiple templates but my favorite is the idea of wall art.

We spoke of how the mess of life can sometimes override our better judgement but still it holds a beauty that we wouldn’t trade for the world. As some funky sounds played and I mulled over those thoughts in my head, this seemed to just flow.

Do you see life as a beauteous mess? What is your favorite beautiful mess?

Have a colorful Sunday!