Sleepy Sundays: The Lounge

The LoungeThe Lounge

Sometimes we all just need to relax. In today’s world, most of us lead busy lives. Based on common knowledge, many juggle parenting, work, side-work, relationships, friends, housework, etc, etc. (Not necessarily in that order.) We may often feel we “don’t have enough time” or “have too much work to do” but the truth is, we need to nurture our happier, fun side as well.

“Make time for love’s sake. Make love for time’s sake.”
Daily Daydream by DaydreamsInWonderland

So, after all the mess of the week, sit back, relax, and enjoy some art & music with me. (As per Sunday tradition here.) The video featured below is from a new artist that goes by the name of Banks. Since I get a lot of compliments on the music I post here, I figured I’d feature her. The song is haunting & beautiful. Hope you all enjoy!

How do you relax?

Have a musical Sunday!

Daily Daydreams

CardCastles will be turning one year old in July. In an attempt to “freshen up” this place a bit, I’m trying my hand at adding a few new features. The first is a little blurb section titled “Daily Daydream” and like its name suggests, it will be updated daily.

The only exceptions to this will be if I’m sick, have some important family or work-related obligations, or some act of nature that knocks my power out. (Even then I may try and update from a mobile device since I love you all so much.) Daily Daydream

What to Expect

Underneath the nifty little “Daily Daydream” banner I created, you will find some sort of inspirational quote or thought. Perhaps something I’ve dreamt up, or a song lyric. Sometimes I may post a video there or a link to a friend’s quote or post. If ever I am not the source of the inspiration, the author will always be credited. (We respect copyright owners and art of all forms here, and you should too.)

So, I hope everyone enjoys this new little piece of fun here at my floating space in the clouds. I’ll fill you in with anything else that’s added in the coming months. You can now find the Daily Daydream section in the sidebar area of my blog. (Next to the posts; where all the neat stuff is.)

Have a dreamy weekend!