Sleepy Sundays: Halls and Walls

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This weekend I flashed back to a conversation had with my sister a few weeks back about our mother and how even though we have different fathers, we still have so many of the same personality traits, and quirks because of our mother.

Our mother was a fashion lover. After that conversation, the whole week things about her kept popping up in my dreams. These wall design concepts were inspired by her.

What memories seem to recur in your dreams?

Have a dreamy Sunday!

{ [I’ve missed you so during that short 2 week hiatus! Planning video updates about everything coming up here soon.]

This House Belongs To

This House Belongs To © 2017  Snapping Turtle Publishing |

During this week my son and I are both on vacation. I’ve loved the time spent catching up on everything that goes on in that growing mind of his.

When he glanced at this one his response was

“Who lives there, Mom?”

You’d be surprised at what a conversation that could spark up even among adults.

Who do you think lives here? ( There are no wrong answers. )

Sleepy Sundays: Golden


More than once here on CardCastles I’ve mentioned I believe heavily in keeping certain traditions alive in both the family and between friends. Although at times we can sometimes break tradition too—for our own reasons; however it may suit us.

There’s a lot of scars that haunt me deep inside, so much so that a friend and I used to joke over the phone “I’m fine!” becomes our theme song when we’re really—well, not.

This reminded me of a conversation a relative and I once had about strong women. We were cleaning the home of a very rich lady when it happened. She mentioned how we have the ability to turn not so much into much more and then some. The rich lady later became my second grade art teacher. She taught me up to 5th grade. Many of the techniques I still use in my work today, I learned from her.

This piece was inspired by these two strong women.

Who is an inspiring lady in your life?

Have a relaxing Sunday!

Brain Drain

Have you ever had a phone conversation that left you feeling drained afterward?

Family can be a saving grace at times. Other times we want to keep them at a healthy distance. There is no such thing as the perfect family. The thought that one’s family could be without problems, disagreements, and the occasional fallout is an illusion. Whole fields of psychology are dedicated to repairing our damaged kinship alone.

My sister and I have always been close. It’s never mattered that we live in separate parts of the country. This was never our choice. It was a decision made for us long before we had say in anything. We remain in contact even though there was a large span of time when we each didn’t know where the other was living. We tracked each other down through social media and vowed we will not be separated like that again. Now, we stay in touch by phone, text, and email.Empty Chairs

Last week we had a conversation that has taken a toll on both of us. Somehow, it was the first step in healing us as individuals also. We’ve had many talks before that were very emotional. This one was different, though. This one was probably our most intense yet.

We spoke of how we’d been lied to by family members. Even though we had previously thought we had uncovered all of the truth that had been hidden from us as kids, there was still more. Both of us expressed anger about the fact that it seemed like it would never end. We’d be digging up more lies until we both perish from this Earth.

I love my sister dearly and would move mountains for her. I know she feels the same about me. Yet, sometimes when we have these types of conversations we feel so drained and wrecked afterwards we need a few days, weeks, or even months to recover before we can speak to each other again. We are not by any means mad at each other. It’s simply a reopening and re-stitching of old wounds that we do, so to speak that leaves us feeling raw and exposed.

Do you have a close bond with a family member? Have you ever felt drained after talking about “heavy” topics? Talk to me. You know I’m listening.