Her (Part 1)

There was a spike in the Stats today. It said something like 128 per hour. That’s the most this ol’ place has seen in a long time. That’s mostly due to the fact that I’m only here once a week lately anyway.

That’s beside the point.

A spike like that, along with the virus that entered my computer at almost exactly the same time could only mean one thing.

They  found  me.

Could this nightmare really be happening to me again?

What do they want with me this time? To bully me some more? To drive me utterly insane?

I thought this was done so long ago.


Regroup & Recoup: Part 2

My sincere apologies go out to my regular readers for my unintended hiatus.
I’ve been busy trying to put back the pieces and get my family’s life back in order after the wrath of superstorm Sandy. You can read more about that ordeal in these two posts:
Regroup & Recoup
Living Hell

As for other, more positive news..
I’m planning on organizing a Winter Gallery post for the upcoming season. Due to the kind response to my Fall Gallery, this seemed like the next step.

I’m also planning on posting some more seasonal activities pages for all of my Mommy readers.

Since this post was just meant to update you all on things here, I’ll bring this to a close. To keep this from being 100% yawn-invoking..I’ll leave you with something pretty to stare at.

Winter Approaches
I took this about 2 days ago. If that tree could speak, I believe it would whisper “winter approaches..” So that’s what I titled it.