Sleepy Sundays: Mystery

Mystery Mystery

Many parts of our human lives are mysteries. Life itself holds endless questions we’ve yet to unlock. One of those mysteries is that of love. Some of us have stories for days about the countless riddles of our desires.

These were some of thoughts that helped inspire the feelings behind the strange land depicted above.

What was your last mysterious encounter? (Bonus points if it’s a love story!)

Have a lovely Sunday!

& Happy February!

Sleepy Sundays: Light Show

Light ShowLight Show

A few nights back there was a meteor shower visible from my front steps. This is the artistic equivalent to where my mind went. Sometimes we can drift to a faraway place while standing still…

Have you ever witnessed a meteor shower?

Have a shimmering Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: The Dark Side

The Dark Side The Dark Side

Like it or not we all have a darker side. Humans are complex individuals with a mind-numbing range of emotions. Each aspect of our personalities cannot be easily explained. Sometimes unfortunate events or unsavory people can bring out the worst in us. Some of our darker sides are more aggressive, while some are simply withdrawn and full of self-loathing.

It’s important to acknowledge that darkness isn’t always filled with anger. There are times when the deepest voids and most shadowy of places can be felt while in a cave of sadness or depression. That is the feeling I was trying to channel in this piece. The character feels “locked in silence” and is clearly experiencing some stage of extreme emotional pain. I felt its “creepy feel” was perfect for this time of year with Halloween being right around the bend and all.

What is your emotional outlet?

Have a quiet Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Distant Memories

Distant Memories Distant Memories

This image is original photography that was altered in color, lighting, and an effect known as “smoothing”. I wanted this photo to be turned into something that resembled an old painting. Now that I look at it, there seems to be a strange marriage between an old painting and a photo negative here. I was going for surrealism. Truth be told, the actual place where the original photo was taken is somewhat surreal itself.

The place is virtually hidden. Most people in surrounding area don’t even know it exists. Those that do know it will tell you they’ve seen some strange things around there both night and day.

Are there any strange places near you? Do you know of any hidden gems in your town/city?

Have a creepy Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: The Chill

The Chill The Chill

The temperatures are starting to dip. Autumn is upon us. The days are still warm but, the nights are slowly becoming cooler week by week.

I love it.

I cannot wait until fall.

What is your absolute favorite time of year?

Have a chilly-chill Sunday!