Sleepy Sundays: Lifeline


If there’s one theme that’s been consistent diving into this new year it’s been that my friends continue to be my largest support system. One of my closest friends and I were sending texts back and forth while I set up the next few months worth of designs. I’ve got some very large projects launching, releasing, and being revealed collectively soon. He proceeded to push me every step of the way & kept encouraging me that my artwork is worthy of great heights.

In rough and trying times, along with the general busy chaos that is my generation’s adult lives I’m so damn grateful to have friends like that who grab me by the shoulders and say “You’re doing a great job! So frigin’ relax!”

You are my lifeline, friends. Keep inspiring people with your ability to love.

While I created this I listened to this:

What is your lifeline?

Have an electric Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Dismissed


Fall seems to be coming to a close as swiftly as November. Both are eager to get out the door before winter begins roaring in. All of the little animals around here are scurrying around preparing for the upcoming colder months—much like some humans I’ve seen lately.

I do always get a tiny bit dreary as autumn says its final goodbyes. The past few days there’s been not much other than gray skies around here. Although I’m working on a lot more colorful projects for friends, in my own designs, I get to play.

In my own work, I get to be a bit moodier.

When you’re in a [mood], does it come out in your work? 😉

Have a shifting Sunday!


31 Nightmares 2016: The 17th

Glowing Red
Glowing Red
This place pictured above is based off a setting wherein the sky turned completely red and a glow filled everything surrounding. It was a fantastic vision all directly from my nightmares.

This has been Day 17 of



Sleepy Sundays: Early to Rise

Early to Rise
Early to Rise

Behind the scenes, art has become a full-time endeavor. Could I be leaping into the fire? This all feels so creepy and new—and yet shockingly satisfying.

Sometimes I stress over if I’ve made a move too soon or too late. (That’s how I came up with the title for this little funky flower.) Sometimes I stress about any move at all. This is one of the many struggles of living with PTSD, but we’ll touch on that another time. (Or perhaps, another place all-together.)

For now I’d just like to take in this new light along with the new day.

It’s been a while since I posted some music to go along with my art. Today, I have a special treat. Although short, this track can be looped to create ambient sound. This was all produced and recorded exclusively for Snapping Turtle’s one year anniversary. I think it fits perfectly with this scene on display.

Do you like ambient music? Are you a worrier? Do my strange “otherworlds” put you at ease?