Sleepy Sundays: Candy Store

Candy Store © 2017 Snapping Turtle Arts |

All October long along with my #31Nightmares there will be fall-themed designs like these popping up around CardCastles and in the gallery. (Which is now finally moving here to CardCastles instead of a separate site.)

This one was inspired by (love it or hate it) candy corn! There are some members of my household that love them. Do you?

What’s your favorite October treat?

Have a creepy Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Fossils

During the sort of stitching together done with this piece I explored using a custom texture effect I created that mimics concrete. For some random reason my mind wandered off thinking of fossils and imprints while experimenting with the textures. All of it had me pondering of how some memories never fade and how certain (although few) things in life stand the test of time.

What’s something that has stood the “test of time” for you?

Have a lasting Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Twilight Winds

Twilight Winds
Twilight Winds

With October, my #31Nightmares, and so many things coming to a close, I cannot help but be reminded of the famous night winds I knew growing up that ran throughout October. I’ve made countless designs inspired by them over the years. The latest is a custom notebook.

What do you plan for when the month changes?

Have a breezy Sunday!

31 Nightmares: The 21st

31 Nightmares

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On the 19th, we spoke about being trapped in a place during a nightmare. Today we’ll be discussing those places. The settings in our most frightening of dreams often say more about the nightmares themselves. Over the years, many of the places in my own nightmares have made it into my artistic visions. Later on, they were made into some form of art.

I’m not sure why it is that these places fascinate me, but I know I’m not alone. This has been a popular topic here since we started, and I’m certainly not surprised.

The settings in which the terror takes place often gets the mind into problem solving mode. Setting afire the desire to take flight, get the heck out of there. It’s no wonder these places make it into art, or film, or television. They are a mere glimpse into who we are as people, and what gets to us in terms of fear.

What has been your most frightening dream setting?

Happy Haunts!

This has been Day 21


31 Nightmares

Sleepy Sundays: Morning Light

Morning Light Morning Light

Summer is a time for relaxation and a little fun. After such a rough couple of weeks, it’s about time.

Have you ever “partied ’till the morning light”?

Have a colorful summer Sunday!