Sleepy Sundays: A Way Out

A Way Out © 2017 | Snapping Turtle Publishing

This custom wall art & greetings design has a neat little story behind it. Over this weekend I got to catch up with one of my old friends as we planned for future events this summer. While we yapped on and on our conversation turned into my work, then jumped to communication, then before I knew it my friend and I were talking about portals to another dimension.

We were cracking up because I actually am working on both a sci-fi and fantasy art projects for two book covers and two sets of key art, and I was designing these otherworldly places as we spoke. We joked about how it’d be great if we could just blast out of this place during our current set of circumstances. Here’s to hoping none of us have the need in the near future.

Do you ever wish you could blast away to a faraway land?

Have an fantastic Sunday!

In The Sky

I’ve put together a small gallery of some sunset & clouds snapshots I took about a month ago. Hope you enjoy.

Artistic Sunset

Bizarre Clouds
Take a close look at the clouds at the bottom of the photo. Aren’t they bizarre?

Colorful Sky

Palette in the Sky

Color Array Horizon

Sunset Splash Through the Trees

Cotton Candy Clouds

Sun Bursting Through the Clouds

The Blazing Sun

© Copyright 2012 CardCastlesInTheSky

If you’d like to purchase some of these photos on canvas, give my Artwork page a click.