Sleepy Sundays: The People in the Room

The People in the Room © 2019 Snapping Turtle Arts |

It’s been a good long while since we’ve been around in the clouds.
The wind seems to have swept us away.

Although you’ll hear all about that in an upcoming Daydreams Diary, we wished to catch you up on some of what’s gone on while we were away.

We had originally planned just to be away for the holidays after our October festivities ended here last year. Then a few unexpected events took place. I ran into some financial issues with my home and business due to my medical issues in August of last year. After that I got word a close relative of mine’s health was dwindling. & My life changed overnight. Everything else stopped and it was like nothing else mattered at that moment but my family and those I love.

A lot had to slow down. We had to take a breather. We had to sort things out. Before we could do any of that I got a call that my favorite uncle, my great uncle, my grandfather’s brother, who basically took a hand in raising me (it takes a village) and had been there all my life and so much more, had passed away.

So many emotions.

More than I care to drown you with here.

Sad but beautiful.

My Uncle “Pat” Pasquale, had touched so many of our lives in different ways. Though, in the later years of my life I remember his MS getting worse. Sadly, in very recent years it took a turn for the worst. Though he lived a great, long life, my Uncle Pat. He was one of the greatest storytellers I have ever known.

At his wake, my cousin Randy said some very moving words about him that could not have been more true for any one of us. He spoke of how my Uncle Pat loved nothing more than being a Dad, a grandfather, part of our family, an elder, and the people in the room. He certainly loved all of us.

Those words inspired the title behind this work, mostly due to how during the whole very sad but love-filled process, there were certainly a few times I felt others in my life that have passed on in the room. Others that were close to my uncle as well. Others like my own mother, that I felt a little nudge from a few times. These are things I usually only share with that side of my family. My mother’s side. The one that has a line of women just like me that are not afraid to speak of such things. Though, I’m starting to think you’re ready. I’m blessed to have them. The people in the room.

It’s been a while since we posted some music along with one of our Sunday posts so what better choice to go along with this theme than to introduce to you my very gifted and gorgeous little cousin Nicolette.

Sleepy Sundays: Lullaby Lanterns

Lullaby Lanterns
Lullaby Lanterns

This weekend while working on the next set of projects I have coming up, we decided to take a pause and headed out to NY. We went to go visit some family for a much needed break. Sometimes the rides home can be so relaxing if you let it. With the right music and a certain mood, it takes me back to a place I haven’t been in a long time.

What lulls you?

Have a peaceful Sunday!


Light Speed

Light Speed
Photo art made from some old photos I’d taken in NY.

It’s Monday and a lot of us are back to the busy. That thought got me thinking of how fast our lives move sometimes, much like the hustle and bustle of the city.

Do you have a busy week?

Have a wonderful week everyone.
See you on July 24th for the CardCastles Artist Spotlight. All are invited!

City Springtime in NY

Over the Easter weekend we were all over the place. On Saturday we visited some family in NY. What a glorious spring day it was! I managed to snap some photos of our trip and I have to say these are some of my favorite shots ever taken. Something about the day provided the most spectacular lighting.

(Click on images to view larger versions.)

I’m sure you’ll see these incorporated into my artwork somehow soon.

Sleepy Sundays: These City Nights

These City Nights
Although I mapped out this art to take on a surrealistic feel, there are some very realistic traits to it as well. There is something special about the city, especially at night.

To accompany my work, I’ve selected a song that goes with it well. It’s one I’ve always enjoyed & I think you will too.

When was your last trip into a city? What was it like?

Have a colorful Sunday!

Springtime in the City

My family took a trip to go see one of our lovely relatives in Brooklyn, NY. These are some of the photographic results. There are some interesting stories behind each one. Some photos have larger versions and can be viewed by clicking on each one. Just read the small blurbs beneath each photo for details.

Flowery Trees

Flowery Trees( Taken on the way. Click image to view larger. )

Urban Springtime Urban Springtime(Click image to view larger.)

Brooklyn Bridge_Clouds Backdrop

BK Bridge Clouds backdrop

(This was taken with the camera on an upward tilt while approaching the bridge.)

BK Bridge

BK Bridge shoulder angle

(Shoulder angle)

Structure Structure ground angle

(Ground angle)


(This is a neat one. When I loaded them onto my computer, I noticed a strange reflection that I can only assume is the sun interfering with the glass. Although, some of my family swears it’s some sort of spiritual sign. I’ll let you decide for yourself.)

Beautiful Brooklyn Bridge
Beautiful Brooklyn Bridge

(This is one of my favorites. It really shows off the beauty of the bridge. Click on it to view larger.)

Coney Island Noon
Coney Island Noon

(The larger version showcases the sparkle of the water & the gorgeous clouds. Click the image to view it.)

Bridge Blur
Bridge Blur

(On the way back home.)

BK Sunset
BK Sunset

(Wide shot. Bye, NY! See you again soon! Click image to view larger version and enjoy the beautiful details.)

City Lights
City Lights

(Back home at nightfall.)