Sleepy Sundays: An Escape

An Escape

I’ll keep this one short and sweet since I know a lot of you are celebrating spring breaks and holiday weekends. This is simply a little something soothing for your Sunday.

Are you on a spring vacation? I sure hope so. Let us all escape the madness. 🙂 

Have a peaceful Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Time Warped

Time Warped

Every once in a while I get a neat request from a friend or someone they know to step outside of the norm. These are usually my favorite types of designs to work on. This weekend I got a request from an old friend to do something really funky for a wedding invite. She said to go nuts and make it very surreal bordering on sci-fi. The twist was to somehow work it in with white flowers, which goes with her theme.

The great news is she loves this design. I’m thinking of using it for future designs as well.

When was the last time you got to let loose?

Have a bright Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Empire State of Mind

Empire State of Mind
Empire State of Mind

If you follow my private Instagram, or any of my other social media accounts (See sidebar), than you know about my trip to New York Comic Con yesterday. I got to meet a group of friends I’ve played videogames with online for over five years now. To say I had a great time is a drastic understatement.

For a brief time, I forgot about all of my problems, my issues, and everything else. For that block of time, nothing else mattered. I was a teenager again for a day. Since I’m very quickly approaching 30, this was a welcome feeling.

I already miss them. I already miss New York. Though, like I always say to New York when I leave it,

I’ll see you again, ol’ friend.”

Have you ever met your “online friend(s)” in “real life”? How was it?

Have a pleasant Sunday!

A Cause for Celebration


Cloud Drifting

Today is the site’s 3rd year anniversary!

I cannot help but be excited with of all the new changes being added. You have all been with me every step of the way and I appreciate that, wholeheartedly. ♥️

The new home in the clouds was a partial gift from someone close, who knows how much this means to me. & I love them for that.
I am thrilled to celebrate this milestone with old friends and new faces, fresh eyes, and talented meetings.

You have helped make this place a significant location for Art Culture on the internet and I love you for that. Yes, you, my reading friend, my art lover, old or new.


Special Thanks:

Thank you to anyone that liked or commented on some of the music-related posts I’ve done in the past few years here on CardCastles. Music will continue to play a large role in some of my postings here. I may also be posting some recordings of my own in the near future.
Thank you to everyone that follows the site’s feed on Twitter. You’ve helped CardCastles get noticed by actors, musicians, comedians, artists, and writers everywhere. That was my dream, but certainly not my intention. You’ve thrust this place into the limelight of The Arts community, and I’m largely thankful to all of you for that.

*Cheers to many more years!*

WP Image courtesy of
WP Image courtesy of
Past Celebrations:

A Message From Rarasaur

For those of you that have been following Rara’s story, you may know that she asked us recently to write thank you notes to some of the inmates and staff that helped aid her in her trying journey on the inside.

I got a beautiful letter from Rara today that I will share bits and pieces of during the course of the month, but more importantly she’s assigned me with a task.

Rara asked that I let anyone know that may not feel comfortable sharing their address, you are free and welcome to use hers


13681 Newport Ave #8-346

Tustin CA 92780

as a return address.

I want everyone to know Rara is doing okay. As best that can be expected in her situation anyway. Please keep sending her love. She apologizes for the delay.

She said she saved getting back to myself, Kozo, and Matt because our letters were the hardest to write. We were friends of Dave’s and she knows we miss him, like her.

Shower this little dinosaur, her friends, and the staff there with love for me. Rara so deserves it, and so do they, for taking care of our friend.

Please share this message out as well so friends writing in can stay updated.


Paint On the Walls

Kiss the Sun

Kiss the Sun A friend called me up this morning to request my services. She wanted a piece for her living room area that overlooks and leads out to her garden. It’s hard doing the printing legwork myself, and not having a third party involved, but I have to say – working for yourself is freedom incarnate.

Who knew?

This is the digital sketch. I’m undecided on whether to go the expensive print + transfer to canvas option or simply use this as a guide and go back to one of my old loves – painting. I’ve showed it to a few people and they love it already. This marks my first sale completely on my own.

Whatever the future holds for my artwork, I want to thank all of you for always supporting me. I’ve still got a lot of categories and features to add before I become a business again, but that doesn’t matter anymore. What matters is, when I’m good and ready, I know you’ll be there. That thought makes me smile.

An art teacher I had the pleasure of being schooled by back in elementary school once told me, “When you’re feeling crazy, throw some paint on the walls!” What she meant was: When you’re feeling scattered in that artsy mess of a brain of yours, let it all out. Let go of any insecurity and just let your hands tell the story. She’s fantastic person and one of my many inspirations to this day. This one’s for you Miss Phyllis.

Visit my new gallery @

Snapping Turtle Publishing.

Sleepy Sundays: Serenade


Music is a subject you’ve gazed upon quite often here on CardCastles. What you may not know is, I have a background in it and I work with it from time to time.

Last week, a friend of mine suggested I lend my hand in some collaborative project where I’d get to play around with sound once again. I was ecstatic. As I laid out the audio plans, I was inspired. There was a loop playing in my head of a melodic lullaby. The soothing tune that floated through my mind started to paint an image as well. Those of you that know my art well, know I see pictures in everything. Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to bring those mental images to life. Drift away with me, will you?

What is your favorite “night sight” or sound?

Have a serenading Sunday!