This House Belongs To

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During this week my son and I are both on vacation. I’ve loved the time spent catching up on everything that goes on in that growing mind of his.

When he glanced at this one his response was

“Who lives there, Mom?”

You’d be surprised at what a conversation that could spark up even among adults.

Who do you think lives here? ( There are no wrong answers. )

The Tiny Adventure of the Moon

Today I’m unveiling the surprise I spoke to my readers about. This is my second children’s story. I worked really hard on it and even lost sleep on the illustration portion.

There is no fee. No need to download anything. Just sit back, and hit the arrow [< >] buttons to turn the pages. It’s set up to function like an eReader. I know a lot of you have children and some have been going through some rough times lately. Let this be my gift of quality time to you.

My own son is my most honest critic and he happily approved of it. So, run and get your kids or your tiny relatives and have a happy reading journey!

For Chris

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Let me know what the little ones thought!

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If you enjoyed this, check out my first children’s story, Little Blue Feather.

Little Blue Feather

Lately I’ve been putting a great deal of work into something very near and dear to me. One of my close friends, Kozo posted this challenge to his loving community. I decided to take the route of a children’s story. As a writer, I normally specialize in the horror genre. This is my first attempt at a child-friendly book. If it receives some decent feedback, someday I may decide to publish it. Being a Mommy, a softer side of me has emerged over the last few years.
These are all my original illustrations, please respect their copyrights. Although it may not seem like it, I worked very hard all month long on this.

To all of my fellow parents out there, feel free to read this to your children. I’d love to hear what they think!

Without further delay, I give you:

Little Blue Feather

(~For Dad: Who always loved birds.~)

pg 1
pg. 1
pg 2
pg. 2
pg 3
pg. 3
pg 4
pg. 4
pg 5
pg. 5
pg 6
pg. 6
pg 7
pg. 7
pg 8
pg. 8
pg 9
pg. 9
pg 10
pg. 10
pg 11
pg. 11
pg 12
pg. 12


This story was aimed at teaching young children about acceptance and peace. Once they can accept themselves and each other, I feel there will be more peace in the world. We have to start somewhere!

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