Sleepy Sundays: Gumdrop Birds


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After talking it over with a few of those nearest & dearest to me, I plan on using this concept as a base-work for future endeavors. The neat detail about it is, the original is a transparent mask, so I can place that little branch with our feathered friends on it just about anywhere.

What do you think we should use it for? The possibilities are endless.

Have a peaceful Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Wake

Wake © 2018 Snapping Turtle Arts |

The ocean has long been a companion of mine throughout life. With the weather changing and my son getting older, he is starting to show interest in some of these same aquatic activities. I’ve been shuffling around more home decor and greetings designs, some of which have to do with children’s rooms and seasonal decorative pieces. This all had me thinking of underwater themes I’ve done in the past. These sea turtles started from sketches, but I plan to have a few more of them appear in some of my newer designs these next few months.

Have you seen any underwater creatures lately?

Have a bubbly Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Beacon

This weekend in between jobs I had a series of fantastic, otherworldly dreams that all ended up in my artwork. I’m still quite busy until February but thank you all for the kind messages and well wishes through social media. So many of you friends are my little beacons of hope, much like this surreal piece represented in my strange dreams.

What are your “beacons of hope”?

Have a bright Sunday!

Nighttime Art

owl, art for children, I made this with my son in mind. There’s talk of where the canvas will go on his walls.

 It hasn’t been added it to my gallery yet because I have to fit the dimensions correctly. This fun little landscape made me realize I don’t have many night additions in my collection.  Now, I’m planning on changing that.

Goodnight, all!