Sleepy Sundays: Dense

Dense © 2018 Snapping Turtle Arts |

There is so much to tell you it definitely won’t all fit within the limitations of the “short but sweet” design of a SleepySundays post. Such rambling is better suited for a Daydreams Diary—so we plan on squeezing one of those in sometime soon.

While I juggle my folders with life, we’re busy planning for the upcoming 31Nightmares in October. I had to make a few business-related calls this weekend and while pulling some strings with friends, our October event somehow came up. One of my friends was exchanging some ideas with me and I stepped outside to notice a dense fog while we chatted. The subject of the paranormal came up and I’ve got to admit I got a little chill (a good chill) even though it was very hot & humid outside. All of that inspired this wall art design. Someone has already requested it for their living room. My resources are dwindling due to a few recent setbacks, but are slowly on the mend so I’m going to do my best to make that happen.

When was the last time you got caught in a dense fog? (Literal or figurative)

Have a creepy Sunday! 😀

Sleepy Sundays: Late Shade

Late Shade
This weekend I finally got some time to dive into some scenery designs for something I’m working on for here; CardCastles.

If you’ve been following any news about (what is now being lovingly referred to as) my “Alice cartoon”, you’ll know there’s going to be a trailer released for it soon. While I designed about ten of those sets along with new storyboards over the course of the weekend, my mind must have been overly active. The dreams mimicked my work pattern. I had the most bizarre set of them on Saturday morning. Why not turn them into some digital paintings?

This one above, titled Late Shade is one of that set. I used tropical hues and rainbow lights to bring it to life. The result is freakishly close to whatever strange place my mind traveled to.

Have you been to some strange places lately?

This must look like a mansion to a bee, right?

Have a bright, shining Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Gathering


Fall colors tend to bring about a warmth in the minds of some. One of the activities I enjoy most this time of year is all of the ritualistic “gatherings” between family and friends. As soon as the air gets a chill, you can expect sweet aromas drifting outward from my kitchen, and the sound of laughter settling in.

Abstracts have been absent from my art library as of late. So, I decided to change that with this piece. The palette selection, shape arrangement, and title were all inspired by the fun of close friends and seasonal togetherness.

What was your latest “gathering” like? Do you have any planned this fall?

Wishing you a beautiful Sunday!

* & Enjoy that lunar eclipse!

Filtered vs. Unfiltered

These two images were sitting in my folder from a few days ago. Upon brainstorming for titles, a thought came to mind.

There’s been some new eyes on this place recently. Some more family members even found this place. I’ve heard many bloggers and site owners talk about feeling “filtered” in their writing, if they thought certain people would be among readers.

I always had a feeling the subject of filters might come up here and my answer is simply this:

I don’t feel the need to sensor myself for family, hackers, or whatever malicious (forgive my expression) asshole out there. You have all just been too kind and loyal to me for me to go and change things now. Why would I do that? So many wonderful opportunities have come directly from being somewhat spontaneous.

That’s my take on the matter anyway.

So that’s how these two daydreamy, cloud-gazing lovelies got their name. I hope you enjoy them. They go up to my gallery at Snapping Turtle Publishing soon. (Which also has some new additions!)

How to you feel about “filters”, verbal or otherwise? Do you prefer being filtered or unfiltered? Which of these photos do you like better?

Happy Friday!