31 Nightmares: The 30th

31 Nightmares
Another Realm
Another Realm
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The place pictured above is from an interesting nightmare once had during a snowstorm/power outage. I was about eleven years old the first time this setting entered my dreams. It’s been used in a few stories of mine and more than one painting or digital piece. I’m adding it to my artist collection over at the gallery.

Happy Haunts!

This has been Day 30


31 Nightmares

*Join me tomorrow for a special outro during our final nightmare, Day 31, Halloween.

Everyone’s invited.

All are welcome.” 😉

In The Sky

I’ve put together a small gallery of some sunset & clouds snapshots I took about a month ago. Hope you enjoy.

Artistic Sunset

Bizarre Clouds
Take a close look at the clouds at the bottom of the photo. Aren’t they bizarre?

Colorful Sky

Palette in the Sky

Color Array Horizon

Sunset Splash Through the Trees

Cotton Candy Clouds

Sun Bursting Through the Clouds

The Blazing Sun

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If you’d like to purchase some of these photos on canvas, give my Artwork page a click.