Summer Nights (Roadside Wildflowers)

For your visual pleasure, a little daydream about summer nights. This was another side project messing around with music. I’ve needed those skills lately since behind the scenes I’ve been digging into indie film collaborations. Who knows what the coming months will hold.

Summer Nights (Roadside Wildflowers) by Daydreams

—all I know is these were fun to record and I hope you enjoy them.

Audio version on SoundCloud


Wishing you all a relaxing summer season!


Sleepy Sundays: A Garden Gathering

A Garden Gathering
A Garden Gathering © 2016 | Snapping Turtle Publishing

A few nights back I had a strange dream. As I laid out the groundwork for this artwork pictured above in my head, I slowly drifted off to sleep. My mind traveled back to a place I hadn’t been in a very long time. Rows upon rows of white wildflowers all dancing simultaneously in the night breeze.

This was an actual early evening once in my life that took place many moons ago when my father was still alive. I faintly remember the sound of the radio softly playing some soothing little tune. She’d been in the doctor’s office building just beneath the hill we stared at, so we waited patiently in the car. My mom always did have a habit of taking forever. She was a friendly chatterbox and had to greet just about everyone.

After waiting for well over an hour, we stepped out to stretch our legs and yawn. I remember the sweet smell of the wild flowers in the air.

The warm, nightly, summer breeze that had been happening that year seemed to kick it all around. My father and I ran through the flowers for a good twenty minutes until my mother appeared.

That small moment in time was one of the happiest moments I had with my father.

That day still replays in my dreams at times and it inspired this artwork.

Happy Father’s Day

to all of the fathers out there, to those who have lost fathers, to those who are new fathers, and those who are fathers of fathers. You are all so special to us.

Have a warm, loving Sunday!

While I created this, I listened to this:

Sleepy Sundays: Butterfly Dance

Butterfly Dance

Butterfly Dance

Even though, on my side of the world, you wouldn’t know spring is just around the corner, the subtle signs can still be found within the cold. The little robins are gathering outside, the squirrels are starting to scurry about, and the geese are migrating back. I took this as a slight hint that winter is slowly letting go. This drawing was inspired by those early spring signs. The white butterflies are my springtime friends that all come out to visit when spring arrives.

If you are in the cold on this Sleepy Sunday, take this in with all of it’s warmth.

What are the signs of spring where you live?

Have a springy Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays

Since posting something small with minimal text has become somewhat of my Sunday ritual here, I’ve dreamt up a name for it. From now on I’ll be titling these posts “Sleepy Sunday” and tagging it as such. The same exceptions apply here that are already in effect for my “Daily Daydreams“.

There will be short, “dreamy”, artwork, photography, or possibly even poetry-driven post every Sunday unless:

  • I’m under the weather.
  • I have some family or work-related obligation.
  • Some natural disaster has knocked the power out.
  • A zombie apocalypse happens.

With that out of the way, here is my little doodle for today. It’s very girly, but I think both male and female could appreciate it. 😀

It’s called:


Fluttering, butterfly art

(My son helped me choose the colors. He’s the greatest.)

Floating Daydream

In respect of Sunday’s lazy quiet, family-oriented nature, I’d like to keep my words brief for today.

butterfly art, Floating Daydream

This is my little art venture for the weekend. It’s uncertain right now where this may end up. (Maybe a piece in one of my galleries, as an illustration for a random author’s book, or in the trash bin…) All that’s known to me right now is it gives me a pleasant feeling.

The work pictured above was inspired by my joyful and beaming with sparkling energy blogging buddy, Sofia. She told me yesterday I have a “butterfly spirit” and my, my, is that fitting.