She’s Got a Way

She's Got a Way
She’s Got a Way

If you ever read I’ll Light a Candle for You, then you’d know today is both my mother’s birthday and the anniversary of her death. It’s been eleven years, and yet the wound can still feel raw on days like this for my remaining family members.

We miss her. Her absence left me with a hole in my life, one I’ve tried to mend with Paper, Paint, and Stitches.

So I made this today, for her. Since childhood, art has always been a cathartic release for me. So we’ll play her songs. We’ll post her pictures. Hopefully, somehow, we’ll all get through the day.

It’s been eleven years.

—And yet I still miss her like it was yesterday.

Happy Birthday, Mom.

We will always love you.

(Whitney was her favorite. 🙂 )

Growing Up

5th Birthday

Today is my son’s 5th birthday.

That sentence means so many new, amazing, and frightening things for us. He starts kindergarten in a new school next week. He’s no longer a toddler, but a growing little boy with independence, imagination, and infinite amounts of energy. I love the person he is becoming. He is highly intelligent with a keen sense for other’s emotions.

Sometimes I worry he is growing up too fast. Don’t all of us mothers go through this, though?


My little guy has always loved the movie Coraline. It was originally one of the movies from my own collection. I’m a huge fan of stop-motion animation. When my son was about three years old he watched it with me around Halloween-time. He fell in love with everything about it. He still watches the movie to this day. This is one of his favorite songs from the movie. It’s appropriately titled “The Party”.

So on your special day, this one’s for you, little guy.



Regroup and Recoup

Sadly, I have been away for a while. It’s been for good reason, though. My birthday just passed. Although it was slowly becoming dreaded as it drew nearer, it turned out to be rather nice. You’ll find some cute little snapshots from that at the end of my recently updated Fall Gallery.

My original intention was to flood this post with recent events in my area and Halloween Safety Tips for those of you with children. However, it was soon after brought to my attention that Hurricane Sandy will be wacking my area pretty severely. It’s said to reach us by Sunday night into Monday morning.

SO, now I have that to prepare for. 😡

All I’m saying is…if the power goes out..let it go out AFTER The Walking Dead.

In all seriousness though, I do hope none of us get hurt and/or homes destroyed from this event. Joking aside, I do admit it has me a little worried. Hopefully, I’ll be able to update everyone on conditions here when things are over. To all that are in this storms path, my best advice is be prepared. 😉

My plans for late next week will be a list of my favorite blogs.

Take care for now everyone.