Sleepy Sundays: Seaside


During the week while handling the hustle and stumble that can be the life cycle, I got to visit a place where none of that mattered. It brought me back through a feeling I haven’t had since I was a teenager and had me dreaming of faraway places over the weekend. This is one of the scenes inspired by those dream designs. It all got me thinking that no matter what horrible things may occur in our lives we are strong. No matter what hardships we may endure we can still create whole other worlds through our creations. Those creations then go on to create better worlds. & That’s a beautiful thing.


What beautiful things have inspired you lately?

Have a far out Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: The Change You Seek

The Change You Seek

Often times we need to look within to move forward. I’ve heard a lot recently from friends and family that they need a change and are upset with the way things are going in the world.

My answer to all of them and I’ll say it over and over again so myself and the rest of us can remember it:

If we want things to change,

sometimes we have to do it ourselves.

We cannot just complain and expect things to magically better themselves around us. Put that energy into action.

What moves you?

Have a meaningful Sunday! 

STMND Highlights: Summer’s End

It can’t be said enough that this has been a tough year for us at Stories, and generally the ‘sphere as a whole.

Much to the contrary, there is some bright clearly showing it’s face at the end of our tunnel. A wise person once told me your art never dies, because your creation lives on in the memories and stories of others. That has certainly been somewhat of our message all along, and that point has been driven home for us this year.

I am honored to take part in all this healing place does. You have all managed to move me, so deeply, with your kindness and caring for one another. People like you, that help nurture a community like ours, help restore my faith in humanity.

Here are some notable Stories from the past few months:

STMND Highlights Reading List

We Welcomed Back Rara, and I Painted a Picture ; a difficult story from my past. Paper, Paint, and Stitches, was no easier.

Alicia returned, through the magic of technology, to share some more of her beautiful words. She also expressed her thanks for the support and love sent her way.

Rara shared something the late, great, Grayson wrote to his mother. We cried and were proud to honor his memory.

After all that, we declared a win. (#letsgoletsgoletsgo) The most powerful, rallying, battle cry (or *rawr*) for stories yet.

Some pens whispered to us courtesy of the classy, soulful, and very talented, Glorious Mettle. (STMND Art! Yay!)

Grayson reminded us through Rara that If We Could…

and today Bill is sharing with us some Love, Unwitting.

We look forward to sharing the rest of the year with you. I’ll see you there during my time slot this November, when I’ll be calling on you to share your stories again!

Sleepy Sundays: Roadside

Sleepy Sundays


We’re nearing summer’s end. It’s a time for all of those last minute trips to somewhere, anywhere, as long as it’s far, far away from the stresses of everyday life. Families rush to get in those last few beach visits. Children try to soak up every finite chance to be outdoors, since come September, they’ll be back in classrooms.

One of my favorite bits of summer throughout life has been the spontaneous road trips. Friends and family often perfected the art of the unplanned drive somewhere “different”.

This art was inspired by the little roadside views on some of those trips.

Have you ever taken a spontaneous trip?

Have a scenic Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Moonrise Beach

Moonrise Beach Moonrise Beach

With summer’s end fast approaching, I wanted to travel to a place in my mind that would translate in this art. After a few hours of wrestling around in the creative caves, this lovely creature started to form. The beach is such a peaceful place at night. While I put this together, I wished for a little stroll on the beach at night myself.

What are your plans for the unofficial end to summer?