Sleepy Sundays: Sticks


Have you ever made one of those leaf imprint drawings (perhaps in school or with your children) during the fall season? This particular design was inspired by just that. These are the outlines of actual sticks and trees bent by the magic of digital tools.

With the entrance of October, everything around me is very much touched by fall. That of course includes the artwork.

Have you ever done this activity? What activities do you enjoy in the fall?

Have a lovely Sunday!

Sleepy Sundays: Ghastly

Ghastly Ghastly

This pattern artwork was specifically designed for Halloween décor and greeting cards. You can view purchasing options by clicking the image itself.

It’s October once again and the end of the year draws near. There’s a child-like joy that bursts out of me when Halloween comes around, but that’s no secret to you. This is my busy season so I’ll keep this week’s Sleepy Sundays post short and sweet.

Do you enjoy Halloween? Are you attending any festivities this year?

Sleepy Sundays: Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin PatchPumpkin Patch

One of my family’s favorite things to do this year is go pumpkin picking. There are a few farms out a little way from here so we go out and have a field day. This is a tradition that has carried on through generations now. I love it so much, it inspired this art.

Have you ever been pumpkin picking?

Summer Reading

With summer fast approaching, some parents may be thinking of things to keep their children busy.

I’m a firm believer in keeping your child’s mind active over the summer vacation. Instead of letting their brains turn to mush from watching too much TV, here is a colorful list of books for them to read:
Summer Reading 2013

The neat thing about this list is you can enter as a parent, or teacher, and enter their school name as a whole. This puts them in the running to set a record for the most books read. The website has a very descriptive, artistic, little chart that measures these numbers comparing it to landmarks like the, Eiffel Tower, Mt. Everest, etc.

I hope you all enjoy this & help make the most of your child or student’s summer!

Season of Change

Mellow YellowFall is a wondrous season. Whether you believe so or not is nearly a matter of opinion. Throughout life it has been my personal favorite. A warm, giddy feeling tends to consume me once September rolls around. You start to see the stores putting out their Halloween decorations. You’ll see local shops and markets start spurting apple and pumpkin pies. Cool, windy air fills the atmosphere; coupled with the smell of some neighbor burning wood from their fireplace.

Words can’t express how much I absolutely love all of these things. As a child, every year we’d gear up for pumpkin picking at one of the farms at the edge of town. They’d offer free hay rides for all families with children. Sadly, these traditions known by many around me have lessened over the years due to a suffering economy. However, I’ve managed to keep some of it alive. Now with my own child, I try to give him as much exposure to such fall activities as possible. I feel “memory building” is an essential process to a young child’s health and overall emotional well-being.

We happily got to take part in some fall-driven fun yesterday. Since my son has nailed identifying colors, we were naming many of the colors of the leaves as we drove. I lined up some fallen leaves when we arrived and he would point and say “yellow”, “orange”, “red”, “brown”. It was something small but I can tell you, he enjoyed this tremendously. He’s been talking about it ever since. We’ll be searching for the perfect pumpkin next weekend.

I have many fond memories of the autumn season from my childhood. Now, it’s time to build some for my own child. Fall is the season of changes. Although many of us may be hesitant toward change, I encourage you to embrace it. You’ll thank yourself for it in the long run.