Sleepy Sundays: Fever Pitch

Fever Pitch © 2018 Snapping Turtle Arts

There hasn’t been a piece this abstract in my folders for quite some time. Yes, I dive into the surreal quite often, but this one is different. I’m actually planning on saving this one for a client as a basis for future endeavors in the sci-fi genre.

What makes it so unique to my collections though is the inspiration. The other night I had a very strange, and wildly interesting dream. Observing my surroundings, it appeared I was in some other space and time completely. The entire experience was astounding really. I woke up in awe trying to analyze everything before life slapped me back into reality.

Maybe it’s the process of moving driving me mildly insane. Or just may-be…something else.

Have you stepped out of your comfort zone lately?

Have a dreamy Sunday!


31 Nightmares 2016: The 20th

Blurred Vision
Blurred Vision

One of the most terrifying events that could happen during a nightmare is losing one of your senses. This nightmare at hand was brought about by just that.

I once had a series of nightmares that lasted about 2 weeks. In the beginning I had lost most of my sight and had to rely on my other sense to get around. This design was fully inspired by their memory.

This has been Day 20 of


31 Nightmares 2016: The 9th

These two completely different warped views have an even more otherworldly story. They came from a very deep part of my mind, a terrifying place where this nightmare once lived. It was one of those hellish nightmares where the place you are trapped in seems endless and things repeat themselves infinitely. You fear never awakening. I’m grateful I no longer have this recurring nightmare. Though I’m also filled with gratitude for the countless art it has brought about.

Rear View Lens
Rear View Lens
Rear View_Bent Lens
Rear View_Bent Lens

This has been Day 9 of


Sleepy Sundays: Abstraction

Sleepy Sundays


If you look up the word abstraction in the dictionary you’ll find out why it’s one of my favorite words. I chose that name for this piece because not only is it abstract but, it is also quite outside of the box that I’ve been in lately. If you think about it, abstraction is almost the opposite of obstruction – something I’ve been trying to desperately clear from my path these days.

The one aspect of art I love is that it doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to work – it has to be you.

Have you felt obstructed by something lately? Perhaps some abstraction could get you out of it…

Have an abstract Sunday!