Causes CardCastles Supports

With all of the gloom & doom a Friday the 13th can bring, I figured I’d brighten things up a bit today.

If you’re a regular here, you may’ve thought some of the sidebar areas have disappeared. Well darlings, they haven’t. I just did some spring cleaning.

There is a new tab/page underneath my About section dubbed: Causes CardCastles Supports.

There you’ll find a donation page for my dear friend Rara, Bloggers for Peace, and last but most certainly not least, Blog for Mental Health 2014.

All badges will take you to these respective destinations so you could read more about them.

As a side note, I’d like to thank all of you for your overwhelming support so far in 2014. CardCastles is growing & now has a life of its own beyond me. I can’t wait to see how much more this place can flourish.

I Wish You Love

Blue GirlyIt’s been a while since the card castles have stacked on anything other than a Sunday. The frigid air outside is making everything so quiet. My son is snoring, the dishwasher has stopped, even the birds are silent. It almost feels rude to be tapping away at my keys. This is, however, my nature. I’ll probably be tapping away at keys of some form until I croak.

When a new year begins, some of us think of what we can improve; what we can do differently. I’m doing quite the contrary this year. I don’t want to drum up any false hope in myself. I vowed at the end of December that the focus this year would be on happiness. With that said, I’d simply like to thank all of you that read, are just now starting to read, and those that have been reading here. So many of you write back to me whether it’s through comments or email and I love you for it. Joy is brought to you through my art, the occasional laugh, and the various other methods of madness I chuck in your directions. Each of you make me smile.

I wish you love.

Have a very happy, healthy 2014!