Snapping Turtle Publishing was born out of the death of many aspects of my life. It seems only fitting that the name itself would hold deep, personal meaning.

A large portion of my early childhood was spent either in the mud or in a boat, fishing. This was a fond pastime for my father and me. We would be out at our little spot at sunrise and it was the most fun we could ever have. One day, I felt a strong tug on my line. We both thought this was “the big catch” but we soon found out, we were sadly mistaken.

A second violent pull yanked me halfway into the water. Thankfully, my father had quick reflexes and nearly as soon as it happened I was already safely back in his arms. Still, the sudden thrust into danger shook me up considerably. I had an aching pain in my fishing arm and shoulder.

It turned out the creature that pulled me into the water was not a giant fish at all. My father wrestled in the water to get my pole and line back. He was able to retrieve my fishing gear along with the upset animal. He walked up to me smiling; fascinated. I remember wondering why he was so happy towards this force of nature that nearly tore my arm from its socket. What I was just then learning was my father’s love for all creatures.

The monster that slowly seemed not so monstrous anymore was a very large, (somewhat angry) snapping turtle. He explained how fiercely powerful they were and how lucky we were to find one because they rarely hung around that area.

I was amazed. Needless to say, that memory stuck with me.

Not long after this story took place, my father suddenly passed away. He has remained an inspiration for many parts of my life, especially the art.

When I began rebuilding some parts of my life that had been torn down, it was only right I chose this name. The moment was almost like it was whispered to me through the wind.