American Foundation for Suicide Prevention: Go Team Omaburgh!

I know I rarely “re-blog” anything unless it is from Stories That Must Not Die, (Which you should also check out today. We have a lovely poem from Bill that I’ll be sharing here shortly.)
This is however, a very worthy cause. Please share and of course donate if you’re able. For more on suicide prevention give my search bar a tap.

Today, we’re winning.

I don’t think there’s ever been a better call for Stories then from our own, Rarasaur. Come share your thoughts, your things that don’t fit anywhere-your stories. #STMND

Stories that Must Not Die

This post was due yesterday, but… life.

It was supposed to be one of those quick and easy writing projects with a specific goal. The ones where words tumble out so deliberately and evenly that it almost reads too easily.

It was supposed to tell you to contribute here, to Stories That Must Not Die, because everyone has a story, and even just the simplicity of that idea is what pulls the rest of us through. It was supposed to say that there is a home here– for your strangest, most painful, most complicated, most vague words. And for you.

It’s supposed to explain how, after living a series of dramatic Stories, I have a new appreciation for the strength it takes to tell them, so there will be a space on Rarasaur blog for everyone who contributes here. A page link to all contributors, and a rotating banner…

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To Paint a Picture

I knew I’d have to lift the veil somewhat sooner or later. I’m just sorry it’s under these circumstances. It’s only appropriate I share this here as well since it’s a piece of me. It’s a shred of my story amongst many other CardCastles as you’ve come to know them.

I shared it with Stories because it was just so difficult to share – and I needed my friends there for support.
Thank you for staying with me every step of the way. & Thank you Rara for this amazing place you dreamt up to tell it from.

Since I’m somewhat of a private person, you probably won’t see me posting photos everywhere suddenly. & You still may not know some things, but a name, a story, an experience, hey, every day is a new day, right?

Stories that Must Not Die

WARNING: This story contains difficult topics such as suicide, loss, eating disorders, and cyber-bullying.

Lady Anonymous

My past came back to haunt me the other day.

I had predicted it many times before.

I’ve often pondered the day they’d track me down. What if they tried to restart all the damage caused way back when?


It started at a time in my life when I was most fragile. My mother had just died and I was at the cusp of my grief. Though, I didn’t know it, for at that point, I had gone completely numb. I would stay up for nights on end, not sleeping and chain-smoking. My fingers tapped away at 1,000 books that would never be published. I’d isolated myself from everyone, everything. Though, I didn’t notice.

When I didn’t…

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I don’t have the right words right now because the two people this beautiful story is about are my friends. They are also our STMND founders and friends to many “’round the ‘sphere”. I miss them both terribly and I’m blank myself, maybe someday I can find the words. Right now, this just aches.

Stories that Must Not Die

Our beloved and much missed blogging dinosaur, Rara, sent me the following words to share with the Stories That Must Not Die community.  I had planned on just posting them here for you all to consume as is, but considering I cried while typing them up, I figured I should probably warn you, before you read, her words are powerfully sad and explode with her pain and grief.  So, read them, definitely read them, but do so cautiously, and then write her another letter to tell her it isn’t her fault, and she is so much more than how she is feeling now.

Today my husband died.

Maybe it was 26 days ago, but the shock of his absence has permanently stained my present moment.  Every Today will always be the day he died.  I wake up, suffer the sunrise, and lose him all over again.

I am not…

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Blocked Sun

Stories that Must Not Die

The following words are from our own DjMatticus and we only echo his sentiments here.

There is a darkness on the horizon, and it blocks the warmth of the rising sun.

These lines came to me this morning on my drive to work. The sun hadn’t risen yet, but with summer fast approaching, it was beginning to warm the horizon of what is usually a dark commute. Still, I couldn’t shake that opening line, “there IS a darkness on the horizon.”
In the past, I would have turned those lines into a work of fiction. Several of my favorite posts have been from driving towards the sunrise (or sunset) on my long daily commutes. But, in this case, that darkness wasn’t a reflection of the view from my windshield, but, rather, the struggles of my heart and mind. And fiction simply would not do.
There is a darkness…

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This story concludes my two week rotation over at StoriesThatMustNotDie. Will you come share your fears with us?

Stories that Must Not Die

We all have fears.

Last night I heard a news report through the kitchen that explained how an area close by some family was completely engulfed in flames. When I neared the television, I was shocked by the amount of fire that was actually coming off of these buildings.

One of my own fears has always been the same thing happening where I live. That fear has only been fed now that I’ve become a parent.

Here is the official article on that news story along with some vivid photography on the devastation:

1,000 Residents Displaced After Edgewater Fire

After seeing that report, it reminded me of the only other time I heard of a fire of that magnitude.Before When I was younger we used to take trips down the shore always using the same long stretch of highway. We often admired the row after row of pine, oak, and…

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Mesothelioma Awareness, Fear, and LungLeavin’ Day

Meet Cameron and hear his wife’s story. Help support a good cause while your doing it. ♥

Stories that Must Not Die

As you may have noticed the topic theme for a short while here has been fear.
I’d like to introduce you to Cameron
who will be sharing a story about his wife.

Please give Cameron and Heather a visit as well here:


In 2005, at the age of 36, and only three months after giving birth to a beautiful daughter, Heather Von St. James was diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma, an aggressive cancer caused by asbestos exposure. She was exposed to asbestos from her father’s work coat that was routinely covered in the harmful fibers. After a life saving surgery that included the removal of her left lung, she made it her life’s mission to spread awareness about mesothelioma and the dangers of asbestos, and Lung Leavin’ Day was born. Lung Leavin’ Day is a holiday created to celebrate life and distinguish fears. She gathers at her…

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A Request

Send some #RawrLove

Stories that Must Not Die

In a recent letter I received from our favorite Jail-Dino, Rara, she requested any and all glimpses of our worlds that we were willing to share, including: “traffic, skies, coffee cups, buildings, kids, art, snowcones, everything.  I want to see the world!”

And!  To make that super easy, there is a wonderful app called freeBird Cards (available through the Google Play store, and probably through iTunes but I haven’t confirmed that – if someone could and leave that information in the comments below that would be greatly appreciated).

Some of you may have already heard about this app, because Grayson posted about it over on Rarasuar a few days ago.  If you haven’t checked it out, it really is as easy as he made it sound.  I installed the app on my phone, selected a picture, input the correct addresses and a personal message, picked which advertisement I wanted to…

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