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Daydreams & CardCastles

Well hello there, stranger. Let’s break the ice, shall we?

I’m a mother of one approaching my mid-30 somethings. Writing is my first & most overwhelming passion. After a nudge from a close family member, I saw it fit to create this little space here.

This form of writing is not typically my style. I’m more down the path of fiction. However, while given some thought, this seemed like good practice. Introductions aside, writing is not my sole passion. (Just my first & most intense.) Joy is also brought to me through art, creating music, film-editing, film-making, voice acting, cooking, and photography; gaming…the list goes on.

Over some time, CardCastles has evolved into a photo album, an art gallery, and a writing journal all rolled into one. Some have said this place has a life of its own.

With all that said, I hope you enjoy reading here. Please feel free as a bird to participate in any discussion, comment on any entry, and follow to your heart’s desire.


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  1. I want to say “thank you” for following “A Way With Words.” My joy in writing is made more complete when someone reads what I’ve written (even more when they respond).

    While I write a great deal about faith and mental illness, I’m known to dabble in other subjects, stories, and even the occasional poem. If you have any requests, please let me know.

    I appreciate what you have going here at “Card Castles in the Sky” and look forward to reading more in the days ahead.

    Tony Roberts

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