31 Nightmares 2018: The 15th

Iconic Scenes

We’ve talked about a lot here so far, but not about some of the iconic scenes in the horror genre over the years. There are so many. One that stands out to me is that infamous scene in The Omen where the maid…well, you know.

I picked this one today because its stood the test of time. I still hear people talk about it to this day and they aren’t even from my generation. A whole new generation has discovered this modern classic.

What are some of your favorite iconic horror movie scenes?

This has been

Day 15


10 thoughts on “31 Nightmares 2018: The 15th

  1. Staring into the static on the TV in poltergeist. So simple. But so powerful. Every house had a TV and at the time you could easily find yours going to static from time to time… It meant none of us were safe.

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        1. Found the missing comment. It got spammed. Not sure why. This must be the work of that miserable wench, Nightmares…
          Always messing with my castle. We may have to tie her to a chair again and lock her in the basement. Pity. I was just starting to like her. Nevermind that, though. She can’t be trusted. GUAAAAARDS!!

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  2. That was an awesome movie. The Scream movie had clever scenes making fun of Horror movies.

    My favorite is pretty much the entire Halloween movie (original). Hopefully, I can add more after watching Halloween this Friday. Can you believe it has been 40 years?

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