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Sleepy Sundays: Bubbly

This Sunday we add a custom underwater design to the collection for June.

Bubbly © 2018 Snapping Turtle Arts |

My son along with my niece were the inspiration behind starting up a bunch of these underwater designs. Preparing for summer here I’ve been doing a lot of shifting and planning, so I’m also going to be expanding some of my home decor and greetings designs for the upcoming season.

Even though a lot has changed behind the scenes the past few months, we look forward to new ventures as we move around these unforeseen road blocks. I have a strange feeling this summer might just be a good one. However it turns out, thank you for being patient with us and enjoying and sharing these designs every week with your friends. It makes a world of difference in our little spot of the sea.

How’s your June so far?

Have a restful Sunday!

4 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Bubbly”

Bubbly is beautiful! Just wonderful.

My June so far has been getting better. The weather is nicer. I don’t go outside very much because of a phobia, so my husband put up a nice cover for our patio & put together a beautiful space for me outside.
You are always an inspiration to keep working on my creativity.

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Thank you, sweetness. Your husband sounds like a gem. & Whatever that phobia is, although these are trying times, I hope you overcome it. The outdoors has a way of healing a lot of old wounds. It takes time, but trust me, it’s a way out. ❤

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