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Daydreams Diary: Flames (Part II)

Part II of “Flames”

Daydreams in Otherworlds © 2017 Snapping Turtle Arts |

When I first started out, “Daydreams” was very much a character.

Now she’s just a cloak that I wear to protect whatever little shred of privacy I have left.


I’ve all but exposed my whole ass for the world to see. Most are no longer comfortable with me since I’m not fluffing their egos while being kind and PC. But I’m getting off-track a bit. Let’s rewind to the first half of this before I go any further.

It chirped away. Not a pleasant bell like that of a teeny sparrow, but a manic, repetitive, screeching sound akin to metal on metal. I could almost sense what it was. In fact, in the corners of my subconscious, I think I very much did.

It was a person in my professional network, pointing me towards the mouthes of the displeased.

Displeasure—oh, how I’ve danced with you on and off these past few years.

Passive-aggressive in its nature, though point taken, it stood out like a festering sore on a beautiful face. It’s always a meme, right? No one can pull me aside and quietly voice their grievances. No, it has to be shouted to their entire following, but covertly enough that I can’t expose them. So much so that if I did, I’d look like the crazy one.

This is not the first time.

Or the second.

And I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Oh no, definitely not the last. But I’m not allowed to feel either.

“Oh stop whining.”

“What a butthurt bitch.”

“Quit playing the victim.”

I can hear it now. Loud as ever.

I’ve been more vocal on human rights issues and more. These are some things sadly deemed “political.”

“It ain’t cute, sweetheart.” They said I was shaming people. Well darlin’ sadly, in these times we’re living in, some things need to be shamed.

In the words of someone I’ve always deeply admired that’s been harmed by the very industry I work alongside:

Name it. Shame it. Call it out.Rose McGowan

So what’s wrong with me calling these issues out? Why does that all of a sudden make me not your cup of tea? What does my little insignificant voice have to do with your happiness? Why do you feel the need to tear me down in the process?

I thought I was well past letting bullshit like that penetrate me. But it has. Yet again. Especially when these [very public] bashings start to effect my income. (If I showed you the numbers, and how far they’ve traveled downward since about May 2017, you’d cry.)

I’m slowly moving past it. After all, the projects on my desk don’t give a shit who is ripping me apart and why. I had a little outburst over it, then soon after regretted it. It made me look like the asshole. It made me look immature. Though I come from a place where if you don’t respond, you’re a coward. Though in today’s world, if you do respond, you’re giving them attention and that also winds up making you look like an idiot.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Amidst all this madness I had a great conversation with one of my best friends whom I consider like adopted family. He spoke of similar situations with slimy people’s passive-aggressive nature and likened getting rid of such negativity to purging impurities with flames. What a beautiful comparison it was. Like the practice of burning sage—a cleansing ritual.

So I guess what I’m stabbing at in all this is, sometimes we need to purge the ugliness in our life with flames. And no, I’m not telling you to go set shit on fire. (Ya crazy asses.) I’m simply hinting at the notion that in order to truly move up and move on in our lives, sometimes we really need to cut things loose—set them ablaze. One thing I’m learning is it doesn’t matter how many times we feel we have to do this. If we feel the need, it’s probably for a reason. There’s probably another phase ready for us on the other side waiting.

So go burn some sage.

– Daydreams

2 replies on “Daydreams Diary: Flames (Part II)”

I feel you on this….there have been many times where I have been tempted to write about a issue that is affecting this country but I didn’t start my blog for that reason. I know I needed to write in order to keep my sanity but since my life is so reclusive,I don’t have much to say….hence why I write film reviews. But I have learned one thing from my wife’s passing…I have learned to cut loose toxic people. I just don’t deal with them anymore,once they cross a line….off they go. I just don’t want to be around them and their petty ass drama. I have cut loose a few relationships that have lasted for years but I feel the better for it.

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& I bet you feel a lot lighter afterward. 😁

The thing is, friend – I realize now what I was doing wrong (& what a lot of us do wrong.) There is such a thing as being too kind. & Sadly, sometimes that’s what draws the evils in. People that prey on kindness as a weakness seek out those of us that are “too kind” because we’re easy to emotionally manipulate & take advantage of.
That stops now for me. It’s happened one too many times to me & I simply can’t keep letting people in because of it.
It’s a sad state of affairs but I have to start being mindful of my own emotional well-being instead of trying to fix all of the other broken people around me.
It’s nice to help others & all, but we are living in a time where the majority of people are zombie-ing around in an almost impenetrable state of mental sickness. This sickness, tends to infect those around them & they latch on to those of us that they know can help. Not all of them are bad – but most are beyond help & they get angry when you can’t do absolutely every little thing for them. Then they lash out at you.

Then they slowly try to destroy your life. Whether they’re aware of it or not. It’s a cycle I’ve seen repeated time & time again & I’d like to get away from it.

Like right now. 😖😂
& That’s what I’ve been doing.

Purge. Purge. Purge.

Sometimes we have to burn it all to the ground & start fresh.

I’ve done it many times before & I’m sure this isn’t my last.

Even this place is going through a cleansing of sorts. I’ve gotten rid of so much of my old writing here. Making room for the Snapping Turtle merge.<3

Would you look at that. You’ve got me giving a novel-length response. 😂
I knew you were special. 😉

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