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31 Nightmares 2017: The 20th

Day 20 travels straight into the void…

The Void

This year during my work with DJ Matticus & Revis Edgewater I’ve gotten a new perspective on elliptical designs and spheres of all sorts, it’s no wonder I started dreaming of black holes. Our work together on sci-fi and fantasy novels this year also ended up in this year’s #31Nightmares, as one of my concept sketches that was an early design for an upcoming fantasy novel, was also something I dreamt about, an endless void, an imploded star, a strange region in space. It was beautiful but terrifying in my nightmares.

This has been Day 20


This concludes our week diving into the surreal side of horror.

Stay tuned as we make room for our guests to arrive

and much more to come during these

October festivities.

6 replies on “31 Nightmares 2017: The 20th”

We’re all filled up now, I’m afraid. Although, I’ve already got my eyes on you if we decide to revive this thing yet again next year. It always surprises me, you know. We stay low on “Likes” but yet we get these surges in our stats & a lot of compliments in our inbox & through social media. Some of my friends in the entertainment industry also read & pass this on. I guess we never know, eh?

Thank you so much for coming in & deciding to contribute to the madness. You are well liked in this household (House O’ Snapping Turtle. 😉 ) for doing so. ❤

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