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31 Nightmares 2017: The 8th

Day 8 introduces a special character design by Daydreams inspired by a nightmare.

The Queen © 2017 Snapping Turtle Arts |
I’ve had the pleasure of designing a lot of different characters this year from all different genres. None has been more fun than “The Queen” though as she’s horror-based and comes directly from, you guessed it—my nightmares.

The first sketches of her were set to be used for another project but I wound up working her into quite a few things, including this year’s 31Nightmares.

She may be pretty, but I assure you, she is a menacing figure in my dreams. Her head floats above her body. She only communicates by moving her hands, and telepathically.

I do hope you enjoy her. You may be seeing others from her realm.

This has been Day 8 of


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