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31 Nightmares 2017: The 5th

Day 5 heads into the nightmare realm to talk about creepy dolls.

Of all the terrifying movies and artwork I’ve seen about dolls, and more specifically, disfigured dolls, it’s no wonder I’ve had nightmares about them.

If you’ve been reading at CardCastles for a while, then you’ve no doubt heard about my fear of dolls.

Late last year after a few nights of flu-like symptoms and feeling wiped out, my body finally gave out. I slept for 10 hours, out cold. I woke up sweating like a tupperware container. My feverish brain thought it would be funny to turn me into one of those things in my sleep. I created sketches for those mental images not long after.

The result is this dead-looking cutie up there. (I know, I know. Throw me a bone.)

~In Loving Memory~


Wes Craven

 This has been

Day 5 of


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