Sleepy Sundays: Watchful Eye

Watchful Eye © 2017 Snapping Turtle Arts & Publishing | CardCastles Design Collection |

This weekend I started to wrap up projects I’ve been working on for months now. Next week begins the countdown for our community’s favorite event, #31Nightmares. While I placed the end drafts into my folders I worked on this multi-purpose template for future prints. It was fully inspired by the recent autumnal equinox and some of our feathered friends in the skies migrating to warmer regions.

What do you look forward to this fall?

Have an adventurous Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: Watchful Eye

    1. YES. I’m tired of all the heat. I want to wear my hoodies, dammit. And maybe eat some chili. And drink more coffee. And do all the warm things you do when it’s cold outside. I think I just need to move to the Arctic…

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          1. & Sugar that’ll drive our blood pressure through the roof. I gotta go to Caff Lovers Anonymous or some shit. Do we have a support group? 😂 If not we should make that a thing.



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