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31 Nightmares 2016: The 14th


One of the most popular stories on CardCastles to date is Another Walk Down Memory Lane

In that funny, yet horrifying story, I described the how and why I have a bit of a fear of dolls. We had a lovely discussion about phobias, and it made me think of this following nightmare.

Since I was a teeny-tiny one, I’ve also had quite the case of arachnophobia. Still, I don’t hate spiders. I’d rather say they both amaze and terrify me at the same time.

Last year, I had a cold-sweat inducing nightmare where about 1,000 spiders took over my apartment. They were clearly out to get me since within this [what seemed like] almost endless night terror, they pursued and bit me every chance they got.

Do you have a phobia?

Happy Haunts!

This has been Day 14 of


8 replies on “31 Nightmares 2016: The 14th”

My cousin had one in her backyard last year. Thankfully, no one rushed out there and killed it. They were able to get wildlife people out there to tranq it instead. I don’t blame you. They are giant. Cute, but giant.


I’ve never seen one up close either. The closest I’ve come was seeing a family of them in upstate NY one time. We fled rather quickly as not to upset Mama Bear. 😳



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