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31 Nightmares 2016: The 10th

You’ve heard me speak of Grayson here on CardCastles before. In fact, his work has been highlighted here enough times that it can be found within the archives. If you didn’t know of his extensive list of gifts within the horror genre, today with the blessing of his beautiful wife Ra, I get to show them to you.


Masters of Horror

As you know this year’s 31 Nightmares has been dedicated to him along with Wes. Soon you’ll see why I think he is just as worthy to hold this place with Wes—someone you all know I respected and admired deeply.

Many may not know Grayson had a background in film. Those gifts and tips and tricks clearly didn’t disappear through the years as he kept them alive through his writing within the genre.

Here is a short Grayson made a few years back to highlight his short story (one of my favorites) The Eater.

The Eater, like many of the works here this October, was inspired by a nightmare. Something Wes believed very heavily in doing was recording his dreams and nightmares. Our friend knew of this trick and knew how to spin it into a sort of horrific fairy tale.

Grayson also produced the eerily wonderful soundtrack to this short.

Friend, you are deeply missed.

This has been Day 10 of


11 replies on “31 Nightmares 2016: The 10th”

Click click click click…
I had just started following Grayson when he shared this with us. What an audio and visual treat…
Click click click click….
They come off the page, I don’t want them to see me, I need to look away but I can’t.
Click click click click…
I miss our friend.

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I found him through one of his paintings. I knew he understood horror right away. I had already known Ra. It wasn’t until about a month later I realized he & Ra were married. Then I exploded with joy ’cause I had made two great friends and I didn’t feel so alone here in BlogLand.

When he shared this, I remember thinking of Wes & the whole recording dreams thing. I was amazed.
*Click click click click*
Our friend knew what made people scared, he knew how to build tension with writing, -and he understood it well.

I miss him too, ol’ friend. I miss him too.

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