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31 Nightmares 2016: The 1st

Today is October 1st and that can only mean one thing here at CardCastles.

31 Nightmares is here!

[For those new to the site you can read about its origins in Dare to Dream: A Tribute to Wes Craven]

Due to reader demand and all of the lovely, kind-hearted words received afterward, it became clear that the series would return this year. Wes was one of the main forces that inspired me to write at a young age. He was also one of the reasons I began specializing in the horror genre at times.

This year, with those thoughts in mind, we will also be dedicating the series to another gifted horror writer and artist and sharing these projects in their collective memory. That writer just so happened to be a good friend of mine. He was driven by the pen as Grayson Queen, but a lucky number of people knew him as Dave. Some of you that read here had the pleasure of knowing his undeniable gift for horror writing. We wanted to honor Grayson last year as well, although the wounds from losing such a profound piece of what has become a family in many ways—were still withered raw.

We will honor these masters of horror and carry on what we all do best. They live on through this art.

Blessed be.


Happy October, everyone and welcome to Day 1!

This piece was designed as wall art and inspired by one of my most terrifying of recent nightmares. Have you ever traveled to a place in reality only to return to a warped version of it in your sleep? This is exactly the inspiration behind this surrealistic twist on the strange figure that showed up along the side of a road lined by woods close by a place I actually visited.


There was a dense mist that waltzed around with the cold air that made my bones ache. There was a sensation of the cold in the dream itself. That figure drew closer. I awoke before getting a clear look at its face. Whatever it was, it definitely wasn’t human since it appeared about ten feet tall and thinner than any living human I’d ever seen.

This has been Day 1



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