Sleepy Sundays: The Change You Seek

The Change You Seek

Often times we need to look within to move forward. I’ve heard a lot recently from friends and family that they need a change and are upset with the way things are going in the world.

My answer to all of them and I’ll say it over and over again so myself and the rest of us can remember it:

If we want things to change,

sometimes we have to do it ourselves.

We cannot just complain and expect things to magically better themselves around us. Put that energy into action.

What moves you?

Have a meaningful Sunday! 

9 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: The Change You Seek

      1. I will do my best ❤ It's interesting – the thoughts which have been crowding in lately have been of death and dying, and what I'll do when! Odd that I'm thinking of it, but maybe it's something all migrants consider when a move is in the offing?

        (Awwwwwh! *glowy*)

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          1. It’s almost not a fear…more a musing of where I’ll be when it happens, and what should occur to what remains…

            ALWAYS Thank goodness for loving people! Always. And love. And people TO love.

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  1. Sadly, often this sentiment is misunderstood, especially, it seems, in todays world. Of course, the phrase means, as an example, if you want to help those who need help, be the one to offer help. It doesn’t mean, start a petition and protest for your cause while ignoring reality.

    We see today, for example, those who seek greater equality for one group often seem to be happy stepping on the rights of other groups. We see activist groups springing up everywhere that seek to force treatment of what they perceive as a particular social symptom, without taking the time or energy to understand the underlying disease. But worst of all, they seek to force change on society, without holding themselves accountable to the same degree. They are trying to cause they change they seek, without being the change they seek.

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    1. You’re spot-on with this, edwin. It starts within. We cannot move mountains without first looking inside.
      & A lot of us have some heavy ‘housekeeping’ to do. 😉



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