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Sleepy Sundays: Coping

This Sunday I’m going to switch things up a bit since a main part of my work space is absent.

My laptop died/went quietly over the last week and I can’t put out any new art without my art software.  So, things around here will change a bit but I’ll save the rest of that for an uncoming update.

Since a lot of the people I love in my life, mostly close friends, have all been dealing with some form of loss—

I became inspired by them.


One lost a husband, another her true love, another a mother, another a brother, another, her father.

What I’ve taken from sudden loss of people we love is that somehow, someway eventually we find an inner strength to cope.

It’s like some strange inner force although only a small wave at first, pushes us along the way and tells us to keep going. Perhaps it has to do with the loved one themself, because we know in our hearts it may very well be what they wanted.

Those thoughts inspired this song. We’ll just count it as my art for today until I get all that back up & running again.

Has a friend recently inspired you? 

Have a peaceful Sunday!

4 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Coping”

So sorry to hear about your laptop. I’ve lost two in twelve months and I know how frustrating / annoying / disappointing it is. xxx My inspiration at the moment comes from my neighbour who is managing her farm after the loss of her husband. She’s a star 😉

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It was a wrench in the works & still is a bit but hey, I’m alive. 😉 & I can still always write so long as I am connected here.
A minor hindrance for now, my good friend. ❤ xxx

I always admire the strength of women in those situations. I've seen it in many faces of my family & friends over the years.
Bless the stars. 😉 ❤

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One of my friends is currently travelling across the U.S. and Canada by herself, meeting up with people she knows here and there. Another brave Mouse is having a similarly inspiring trip to Iceland. That get-up-and-go attitude, that just jumping in and making the most of what you find has really inspired me. I’d love to do a similar trip of my own 🙂

Can we help with your laptop? Crowdfunding? x

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Happy you both get a chance to get away from the everyday shuffle.

& As sweet of an offer that is, I wouldn’t allow it. Already had 2 friends ask & it just doesn’t feel right. This one is my problem. Brought about by my own idiocy & ill-preparedness. ❤
I don't forget the kindness, though.



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