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Sleepy Sundays: Sweet Air

Sweet Air
Sweet Air by Daydreams © 2016 | Snapping Turtle Publishing

The visuals of summer have been catching my eyes and ending up in my designs lately. This piece (inspired by brightly-colored summer flowers) is no different. With all of the madness going on in the world right now, I’ve been losing sleep. Outside of my normal work, I’m trying to work on ways to spread some positive change. There’s progress but, clearly, a long way to go. This world needs love. I couldn’t help but bury myself in the projects on my desk.

Sometimes the outside world can leave us feeling drained. I’m grateful that this work I’ve chosen seems to replenish my energy and renew me both mentally and physically (and sometimes even spiritually!) Art remains one of my strongest therapeutic tools. I hope this little summer scene brings you some peace. We’ve all had a rough go lately, and we deserve it.

What is it that “gives you life”?

Have a rejuvenating Sunday!

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