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Sleepy Sundays: Summer Days

Summer Days
Summer Days (header version) © 2016 | Snapping Turtle Publishing

If you follow CardCastles on social media, then you may have read this:

Preparation for this event was lackluster on my behalf. I should have foreseen such a financial blow but, as most responsible adults know, sometimes these things seem to happen when we’re broke.

Thankfully, I still have mobile access to my site, and my laptop is hanging on by a thread. Still, I need to start saving up for a replacement. My laptop is my main work station for every aspect of my art and design. The software is going to need some expensive upgrades, and my laptop, just a flat out swap-out for a newer, more capable model.

As a result, work will get finished at a slower rate, and some of my internet presence will be sporadic at best. Still, however late, I will do my best to continue bring you the scheduled Sleepy Sundays posts every Sunday. As for my other work in between, thankfully a lot can be done with a smart phone these days.

It’s not the end of the road, but it is however a tiny speed bump.

I’m thankful for days like the one pictured above. We got to see some family I hadn’t seen in a while. During our trip, we got to take in some old views I hadn’t set eyes upon in quite a stretch. Days like that full of good conversation and time to reflect are something I live for.

When was the last time you had a chance to “breathe” and reflect?

Have a pleasant Sunday!

5 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Summer Days”

Not that it’s any of my business, but don’t toss out your old machine just yet. I’ve saved many machines by switching them to Linux. Now Linux may not run the software you are using right now, but it has many free alternatives. Free? yup free! Even if you do buy a new machine, keeping the old one with Linux will allow you to access your on line accounts, e-mail and whatever else you use, and makes a viable back up machine. I wrote a post where I run a machine with no hard drive. That Operating system is too minimal for you, but it does demonstrate what can be done, and gives a basic idea on how to proceed should you want to try this yourself.
Here is the post:
Feel free to ask questions, the machines I saved run faster and better than when they were new. The only drawback is having to get used to another OS. Greetings.

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Aww. That stinks about the laptop. My pbone died last week. I hqve no tv or computer. I did get a small basic phone but couldn’t do outbound calls except 911. Plenty of time for reflection. It was odd. We are so connected until we’re not.

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Ugh, that sucks. Exactly as you said, we’re so connected until we’re not. I was just getting ready to open up a store again, but I guess for now, I’ll have to put that dream on hold for a bit. It sucks too, because I already had clients lined up that wanted the greeting cards even more than my wall art pieces. Sigh. These little hiccups can really get under our skin at times, can’t they?

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