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Sleepy Sundays: Early to Rise

Early to Rise
Early to Rise

Behind the scenes, art has become a full-time endeavor. Could I be leaping into the fire? This all feels so creepy and new—and yet shockingly satisfying.

Sometimes I stress over if I’ve made a move too soon or too late. (That’s how I came up with the title for this little funky flower.) Sometimes I stress about any move at all. This is one of the many struggles of living with PTSD, but we’ll touch on that another time. (Or perhaps, another place all-together.)

For now I’d just like to take in this new light along with the new day.

It’s been a while since I posted some music to go along with my art. Today, I have a special treat. Although short, this track can be looped to create ambient sound. This was all produced and recorded exclusively for Snapping Turtle’s one year anniversary. I think it fits perfectly with this scene on display.

Do you like ambient music? Are you a worrier? Do my strange “otherworlds” put you at ease?

13 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Early to Rise”

Therapy is the one of the only things that helped me with this a while back. That & a strong support system.
It’s a pesky thing that seems to return if left untreated.
There is light at the end of our tunnel, dear. It involves a lot of breathing & some meditation like Dianne mentioned above. ❤


This ambient music is beautiful 😀

I used to be a worrier until I discovered that I was suffering from anxiety. Once I realised this I found it easy to control through meditation and life is SO much better 😀 Hugs to you xxxxx

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Ahh! Dianne! I’ve missed you! & Thank you.
I’m going to have to learn to do the same. I thought I had a handle on it, but lately it’s been creeping back up.

& Thank you for passing on your wisdom. I know there are some people reading outside of our WP walls that will very much appreciate it. 😉 *hugs*

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I’ve always been a worrier: new situations, new people, even sometimes familiar situations like taking a taxi or getting a haircut would cause me anxiety (the chatty cabbie/barber wouldn’t put me at ease)

I’m a lot happier in myself now though and with good friends i’ve developed more confidence. Questions like “am I good enough?”, “what if I get it wrong?”, “what if they don’t like me?” and so on don’t bother me as much now. I just blunder on ahead and make the most of it. I can only do my best, right? I can laugh at myself.

I still procrastinate over starting new things, thinking the right time will be “later”, or worrying about all the ways it could fail, but i’m trying to get out of that and just try things now.

I liked your ambient music! Very soothing.. that is, it was until Soundcloud played your Nightmares one right after (because I went to the Soundcloud website looking for a way to loop it)

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All of that sounds very familiar. This is one of those times where I say “I’m sorry you suffered through this too-but glad to not be alone.”
The chatty people don’t bother me as much anymore, so long as they’re genuinely kind. The phonecall thing though – and asking for help or at a store. I could desperately need something sometimes, but I’ll still avoid it due to the massive rush of anxiety. It’s taken a lot of therapy. & I’m going back soon. Time to start again.

& Ugh, I hate when the SoundCloud player auto-plays things. It scares me half to death if I’m listening to something quiet – only to be jolted by something rowdier.
I might upload a longer looped version here or somewhere. 😉
For now the looped version is in my Snapping Turtle 1 year video. 😀

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I am indeed a worrier. I have been getting a bit better at it but I can relate somewhat. I don’t think you’re leaping into a fire and you will do great. You have my support if you ever need it. So funny thing, your early rise is my staying up to late. One of these days I will get sleep at a decent hour. (Remind me to come back and listen to the music, it looks neat, but it is too late for me to play it now.) 🙂

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My best worry-repellent lately has been friends. They tend to know when to shake me down from the anxiety tree. 😛
& Oh, the early rise is actually the visualization of wishes. I’m a night owl too. 😀
One of these days…reminds me of another song. 🙂
As for my tunes, it’s short & soothing. It’s good relax/unwind/fall asleep sounds. Lemme know what you think!

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