One Week in Design

This has probably been one of the busiest weeks in designing I’ve had so far. That’s saying quite a bit since I’ve been doing this professionally for about three years now.

One aspect I had a load of fun experimenting with during that the weekly rush has been custom fonts.

I’m practicing designing custom fonts for book covers, album artwork, indie games, and music promotion.

Here is a neat little example of the some of the templates I design & use:

Butterfly templateThis little butterfly template was created for later use in A Garden Gathering.

Sometimes I use this same sketch technique for designing custom fonts. Like this one pictured below.



4 thoughts on “One Week in Design

  1. This is something I have been curious about. How do you go about creating custom fonts? I am definitely finding messing around with free fonts super fun. I find busy good, especially if I have time to experiment too! Love the butterfly and fancy fonts. Kind of has a calligraphy inky feel to it! 🙂

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    1. Sometimes I make templates for each character, and other times if a client or friend requests a logo with a lot of detail, I’ll sketch it out and then make a full template of that. Afterwards I just clean it up in my editors.

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