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Moments of Silence

It must have been love, but it’s over now.” – Roxette

Sometimes an overflowing of hate can make a person like me shut completely down. The shards from words that cut can fly through the room. When you’re not looking, sometimes those airborne pieces of glass can pierce straight into the heart.

You may notice it got quiet. You may not.

The Burning Bridge
The Burning Bridge

What happens when even the people who fight for good are tired and weary?

This is no terror ground, or place for the rage.” – A Strange Kind of Love by Peter Murphy

My recent break from social media left a few of my friends questioning if I was alright. (Don’t worry, I’ll be back by Friday morning. I know a few days in *internet time* adds to about a year or something in reality.) I had to unplug for my sanity.

With all of the racial tensions, gun debates, political arguing, and just good ol’ fashioned hate going on, my brain simply shut down. I’ve been through this before.

Example 1: In the Cold Light of Day

Example 2: Not Tomorrow

(Not forgetting the countless other incidents before those.)

I’m tired.

I’m weary.

I’m sick of people being ugly to each other.

Perhaps when I return, I’ll be refreshed. Or perhaps, this will summon someone.




13 replies on “Moments of Silence”

Years upon years of desensitization combined with our modern culture of social media addiction and awarding attitudes for being “offended” gives everyone the right to feel “angry” & shout it from the rooftops. “I’m angry look at me” & “You’re a [insert whatever insult here] – on the internet – there are rarely & barely consequences.
Combine that with Likes and a Soapbox and a good percentage suddenly becomes a snooty fuck.
Then the powers that be feed them all of the hate propaganda & you get our current society.

Insanity Fucking Soup.

I’m happy to know we’re not all sheep. Thank goodness for some of you. I really mean that. The others make me want to chew rocks & drink bleach.

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& That’s exactly why I had to unplug from social media. It’s like I was seeing so much negative, it was starting to almost drown out the positive people in my life that were spreading messages of love & acceptance of everyone.
I had to pull away so I could only hear you guys. & I gotta admit, it feels awesome to just pretend that crap doesn’t exist for a few days.


Just ((Hugs))…I’ve also started the slow breakup again with Facebook and such. I am trying to stay on here for a while but I’m not going to make myself sick over it either.

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Same here, love. I’m hiding here in the clouds until about Friday. Although I’m sure when I go back to Twitter & Instagram, I’ll see more of the same. Still, I’m so inexplicably thankful for those of you that sent comments, messages, email, calls, & texts of concern.
I had a great conversation with one of my closest pals yesterday about info + hate overload & the threat it poses to not only PTSD sufferers, but humanity as a whole.

We got into a long exchange about self-care, emotional well-being, and therapy. & That convo in itself was therapeutic. Thank goodness for support systems. I’d be lost without them.

*Hugs* to you too, my dear. & I don’t blame you in the least for doing the same. The swirl of fear/anger/hatred going around right now is just plain cancerous.

You certainly have my shoulder should you need to cry. Heaven knows I have these past few days. I think a lot of us here have. ❤

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