Sleepy Sundays: Spring Start

Spring Start
Spring Start


We’ve made it to the first day of spring! Although it’s a bit gray around these parts and they’re talking snow in my area, I cannot help but think of boardwalk days from springs and summers long passed.

This design was inspired by a day where my family went out down to a fairly local amusement park on the first day of spring. I can almost hear the laughter and smell the fried onions.

This song was blasting when we sat down to eat/chat:

I still smile when I hear it.

Is there a song that reminds you of a specific day or time?

Have a rhythmic Sunday!

9 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: Spring Start

  1. The original version of this song makes me smile, too. 🙂 i have a song in my head that is long out of print. Can’t remember name or group. Frustrating….but it is in my memeories. 😂

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      1. I could tell that this was the original…love it. There is something about his voice. Cobers do no justice.

        I keep hoping to find it, but if I don’t, it’s still in my mind. 😃

        Hope you have a great Sunday. ❤

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