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The Erratic Sun: Cover Reveal

I am both pleased and honored to present to you today, the cover for an outstanding recently released book by two authors who have homes in the blogosphere.

This project has been my baby for some time, while being juggled with some other wonderful things that have already come to fruition. So when Matt approached me with some ideas, I couldn’t help but take this on. Sci-Fi is a genre that certainly gets imagination whirling. Together these two authors wrote a beautiful story, that managed to flow so nicely, to where you couldn’t even tell when the writer had changed.

I’m still ecstatic that they asked lil’ ol’ me to do the cover art for this book.

Without further delay, I present to you, the fresh cover of The Erratic Sun.

The Erratic Sun (front cover)
The Erratic Sun cover art by Daydreams © 2016 Snapping Turtle Publishing |

You can find out more about these wonderful authors below:

Matthew Blashill

The Matticus Kingdom

Michael Hansen

33 Grams of Blog

The book is now available!

Click here to purchase The Erratic Sun through Amazon

Add it to your library today!



21 replies on “The Erratic Sun: Cover Reveal”

Haha I think we freestyled it. We did speak about future projects together you know. 😉 Loved working together with them both though & would gladly do it again. ❤ Thank you for your compliments. I'm getting better by practicing these things more & some of the rust is wearing off. I cannot wait to see which cover I decide to take on next, no matter the author, I'm excited to see the next project that lands on my desk.

You all are so loving & supportive. Thank you. ❤

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I was a bit rusty but this did come out nicely. I’m very proud of it. I hope it grabs a lot of eyes. 😀 *Cheers* buddy, we did it. (Well, you guys did the really heavy lifting, but still. 😉 )

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