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Sleepy Sundays: Beautiful Mess

Beautiful Mess
Beautiful Mess

A conversation between close friends inspired this sort of forest-camo-paint-splash on top of some funky lips design.

I’m planning on using it for multiple templates but my favorite is the idea of wall art.

We spoke of how the mess of life can sometimes override our better judgement but still it holds a beauty that we wouldn’t trade for the world. As some funky sounds played and I mulled over those thoughts in my head, this seemed to just flow.

Do you see life as a beauteous mess? What is your favorite beautiful mess?

Have a colorful Sunday!

7 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Beautiful Mess”

So is mine. I may very well have cancer. That’s the evil mass I spoke of here. (In that previous Diary post) Still being tested. Lifestyle & dietary changes have been made though, and things are looking up. Still creating.
That has after all been the purpose of CardCastles all along. (To leave something behind if/when I go.)
But I’ve told you that are close, don’t worry too much about me yet. I am a fighter. 😉
❤️ you.

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