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Sleepy Sundays: Forest Nook

Forest Nook
Forest Nook

For years I’ve taken inspiration from the sights and sounds of nature. This piece is no different. Yet, there’s something alive about this one. The colors seem to dance on the page.

With spring around the corner, I imagine some of that imagery will only seep into my work some more.

I have a very special musical treat to go along with this Sunday morning’s coffee chatter. The Otherworlds Café has been a busy place lately. There seems to be radio transmissions being found there…

What was the last bit of imagery that inspired you? Do you create your own music? Are you excited for spring?

3 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Forest Nook”

“We’re all mad here.” Jaded, dear. & I like odd. 😀
& You aren’t the only one. I get allergies pretty severely the first month or so. Tree pollen seems to be what sets it off. It makes me sneeze & my eyes water & sting.
I love flowers, though. Especially on trees, like cherry blossoms or dogwood. I’m a weirdo too. 😛

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