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Sleepy Sundays: Love Song

Now I know there are a bunch of you out there that roll your eyes at the thought of Valentine’s Day. I get it. The entire thing has become one big commercialized “buy your lady this fancy ring, or buy your guy this electronic device/car/whatever” mess.

We forget one thing. It’s a holiday about love. Not necessarily the type of love generated by a couple, but love in general.

One of the greatest loves I ever had the pleasure of witnessing was that of my own parents.

As some of you know, they both passed on before I reached my 21st birthday, but my memories of them are still clear as day.

This was their wedding song:

It’s still a favorite song of mine. Play this one for me today.

—in the name of love.

Do you have a favorite love song?

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day Sunday!

13 replies on “Sleepy Sundays: Love Song”

I’m so glad you have the memory and inspiration of their love. And nothing recalls emotion to mind like music, so I’m glad you have that, too.

My love’s all a mess and a muddle at the moment, but always something I’m glad to celebrate.

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It a tricky thing this giant emotion, but you will untangle your way through. I know these things. 😉

I miss them both everyday, Lizzi dear, but they did manage to teach me quite a bit in the short time they were both here. ❤

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I’m glad. I hope they taught you good and wonderful things. I’m rather afraid most of what I learned from my parents (while they were together) was how very extremely NOT to, but still worthwhile lessons to have copped onto.

As long as we all have people around us to model, to learn from, and to teach, and we remain open to positive change, I think we’ll all be ok 🙂

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