Sleepy Sundays: Heart Skin

Heart Skin
Heart Skin

A friend sent me an email early Tuesday morning prodding asking me what I’d think about designing a funky coffee mug for a diner. I had many ideas for prints and came up with a few different designs inspired by jazz music, city lights, and of all random things…Valentine’s Day imagery. I began messing around with different color variations.

I settled on brown and white for the final.

This chocolate and pink idea, though—this one I’m keeping for myself.

While I created  t h i s ^ I listened to t h i s  \/ :

Do like coffee mugs? Have you ever gotten a wonderful idea from an odd place? Do you steal your own ideas?

Have a funky Sunday!

…and speaking of diners, be sure to check out the brand new Otherworlds Café before drifting out of the clouds today.(Still in development, but quickly being added to.)


5 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: Heart Skin

  1. I’ve got a Pancake Parlour mug from 1984 that is still in my drawer. I don’t know how it survived this long considering the kids always fought over it when they got a cup of hot chocolate (and it only cost 20c at the time) 😉

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