Sleepy Sundays: Rest


We’ve reached the end of the month. While my physical health remains an issue, I’ve decided to keep working through it. However slow I get things done no longer matters to me.

I managed to forget one small detail back in November when I started freelancing:

I make the rules. I am in charge.

Although I ultimately am at the mercy of my clients if I want to collect payment, I am still the boss. I make my own hours. When things come up in my life, I need to cancel, cancel, cancel. (I’m still working on that part.)

The photo art pictured above was inspired by that very sentiment. Sometimes our bodies simply need rest, or we will keel over.

With January coming to a close, I’ve had to let a few people down. That truth hurts me. Having to detach from something effects me a lot more than most would realize. Especially since I know some of you reading have been going THROUGH IT lately, just like I have.

I guess what I’m trying to say is something I stated here a long time ago in my former “Daily Daydreams” section.

“Make time for love’s sake.

Make love for time’s sake.”Daydreams

Have you had to let someone down recently? Are you a good/poor communicator?

Have a rest-worthy Sunday!

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