Sleepy Sundays: Star Children

Star Children
Star Children

It’s a time where I feel like everywhere I turn a friend is suffering from a loss or their family has been plagued somehow with disease.

I want to take this time out this Sunday to do things a bit differently. If you’re open to it, I’d like to try a little healing exercise/peaceful meditation with all of you. The trick is you have to trust me. (Details below)

I haven’t added music to one of my #SleepySundays posts in a while, and the following selection will only aid in our exercise. Since I recently had to omit the Daily Daydreams section from the sidebar due to scheduling changes (and changes with the app I update it from) I figured this would be the perfect time to share the music that inspired this art.

David BowieLazarus

David Bowie’s newest song off the recently released Blackstar is being heralded by fans as a message from the late, legendary star as his goodbye message to all.

In the lyrics to Lazarus Bowie poignantly states:

“Oh I’ll be free,

just like that bluebird.

Oh, I’ll be free

– ain’t that just like me.”

In my thirty years on this Earth, I’ve come in contact with death more times than the average person. My life has been touched by cancer. I’ve lost several family members to different forms of it. Friends of mine have had their lives turned upside down by the disease and everything that comes with it.

When I first created CardCastles, the main purpose was to share my arts and writings and the stories behind it with the masses. However, there was also another reason. A morbid truth tucked behind everything that only a few people understood.

I stacked the cards so they would be something to remain when I too, perish. Little pieces of me, scattered about in some vast space so I could linger in some way.

I’ve had my own health scares of the cancerous sort in recent months. I’m sorry to tell you this way. I’ve never been good about sharing such personal details. I’m confident I’m going to be fine. I just need a little space to “regroup and recoup” so to speak. Please respect my privacy during this time. I promise I’ll let you know in some form when it’s over. I will still be posting regularly and there will be YouTube/video integration this year.

I guess what I’m trying to say is death and disease are two aspects of life that will seep in no matter what we do.

The minute we accept that truth is the moment we are truly free. Though, I understand it’s in our nature to fight. It’s what we do best.

So do me a favor this Sunday. Find a quiet place and do this:

  • Step 1. Close your eyes.
  • Step 2. Breathe deep.
  • Step 3. Exhale.
  • Step 4. Keep your eyes closed. (This is important!)
  • Step 5. Visualize yourself as one of those birds pictured above gliding over your favorite scenery. (If you don’t like birds, pick any winged creature, or even yourself, it doesn’t matter.)
  • Step 6. Add music (optional)
  • Step 7. Just keep flying. You’ll see. For a moment, you will truly be at peace, feeling ‘free’.

Do this for me so together we can somehow be at peace even though all of these terrible things effect our lives everyday.

Be well. I love you all.

Have a peaceful Sunday!

8 thoughts on “Sleepy Sundays: Star Children

  1. It’s so easy for me to pretend I’m one of my favourite birds because I watch them so much! My very fave is one that flies in front of the boat when we’re gliding through the mangrove swamps – it stays with us on every turn! Thank you so much for suggesting I fly today – I’m going to do that every day from now on.

    I’ve heard about the Bowie clip, but this is the first time I’ve seen it. I love the Starman and am so sad he passed 😦

    I’m also sad you’ve had some health scares. I really hope everything is sorted out soon and I’m sending you special hugs and love xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. With all the love, Dianne, I’m confident things will turn out okay.

      As for Bowie, I share your shock & heartbreak. I’m still in shock over it. Very sad, but like he said, now he’s free.
      Just like that bluebird. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re better than most, Robert. Some people just like to hop on the death bandwagon. I saw Instagram pictures of 14 yr olds with the Ziggy Stardust makeup on. Now, I could be wrong, they could have really been fans…but somehow, I find it unlikely they even knew who he was. I’m sure they just knew of him.

      But anyway, I admire that you can respect someone you’re not particularly fond of. That’s how I feel about Jennifer Lopez. I’m not 100% a fan but I admire all that she’s accomplished.

      Been a fan of Bowie’s since I was very young. (1980s)
      Couldn’t help it. My aunt & mother used to blast him. Then I saw Labyrinth & I fell in love.
      Thank you for stopping in. ❤

      Liked by 1 person


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