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Sleepy Sundays: Ancient

Ancient © 2016

In our speedy process these days with our heads buried in our phones we sometimes forget how to love. I’m as guilty of it as anyone is. We could be kinder to one another. Lend a hand to one another.

People sometimes ask me how is it that I interact with all of the lovely, talented people that I do. My response is always the same. I try to love everyone from the start. I try to be friendly. That is all.

All I’m saying is sometimes a simple hello to someone that’s not expecting it can change someone’s day for the better. We could be kinder to one another.

Try to reach out to someone that could use it today. For me.

Simply because we could in fact be kinder to one another.  Not just on a Sunday but any day of the week.

We all thrive on love rather than hate.

This art was inspired by a dream I had of two characters I had never met or seen before in my life. It was as if they stepped out of some mythical painting. I had to work them into my art somehow. How I saw them, was two souls that had been recycled over and over, always fated to falling in love over & over in each lifetime that they meet again. I plan to work them into a short story some day.

Have you ever had a dream about people you’ve never met? Do you believe that love can heal? Will you be kind to someone today?

Have a love-filled Sunday!

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